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Great gentle cleanser - especially for Regimen users
on 09/08/2013
I've been using this cleanser (called top-to-toe in Australia) for a bit over a month now, since starting the Regimen and really like it. Great for people who want to use store bought products on the Regimen. It is 'baby scented' (which I don't mind - to me it's very mild and not at all noticeable during the day). At times my skin felt a bit dry / tight after cleansing but I don't think I can attribute that to this cleanser alone as I've been using BP since starting using this, and BP is more likely to have made my skin feel like that. I do wish it didn't have SLS though. Overall though, I really do like this cleanser and plan to keep using it! Definitely recommend it as a store-bought alternative for regimen users.