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Bactrim DS - took a long time to work, but well worth the wait.
on 29/10/2013
In late 2011 (at 28 years of age), I started getting terrible Acne on my face. I tried every herbal remedy, herbs and vitamins that supposedly help Acne, topical creams and everything over the counter one could dream of. Nothing worked and my face was becoming worse by the day. In April 2012, I saw my dermatologist who said my acne was cystic and severe - he prescribed Bactrim DS on the spot. He told me results vary - some people get lucky and find it clears their skin in only a few short weeks, however some people need to wait much longer than that...I was the latter.<br/>My face and acne stayed in the same horrific state for quite some time - it was only in July 2012 that I started noticing a real difference. I was still getting acne, but it wasn't as inflamed (no pus or yellow heads) and it would go away much faster than usual. My skin continued to slowly improve and by Christmas 2012, my face was clear and it's remained that way :) - apart from the odd spot around 'that time of the month' - which I dare note complain about is it's NOTHING compared to a face full of swollen, painful, embarrassing Acne.<br/>In conjunction with the Bactrim DS, I used Benzac face wash and only moisturised every now and then. These days I'm still taking Bactrim DS and using Neutrogena's Power Clean Face wash - which is amazing as it's faded my Acne scars by about 70% over the last 7 months or so.<br/>I can't recommend Bactrim DS highly enough - however you MUST be willing to be patient. Don't just stop taking it after a few months if you find your skin isn't improving. I'd say give it a good 4 months and if you notice absolutely no improvement, then go and see your derm and discuss other options. Also, keep in mind that some people are VERY allergic to this medication so make sure you know the risks and what to expect just in case you react to it. I was pretty nervous the first time I took this as I had read about so many peoples scary reactions...but I took a leap of faith and I've never looked back :)