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  1. Hi mate, Thank you for sharing your story. I think I was in a similar situation in the past. Please remain positive and keep searching for a solution for your acne. Thank God, Epiduo has helped me. Try to work on your confidence. Hopefully over time it will improve and in turn so will your willingness to interact with others. Working out helped me and continues to help me. How often do you train? It is understandable that you prefer to remain alone. I was the same. When I was alone I was not conscious about my skin and what others would think of me. Having said that I realised that I am possibly an introvert. I have suffered from social anxiety and still do. It may be relevant to you too.
  2. Hi, I am sorry to hear that. I guess people who do not suffer with acne do not understand how we feel, whether they are adults or children?
  3. Hi, I can relate with you to some extent. I was in a similar state some years ago. It can be tough to deal with acne but we must attempt to stay strong and positive. I think exercise helped me a lot with my confidence. Do you work out? Whatever happens please never give up! Different treatments work for different people. You may not have found a treatment which suits your skin but that does not mean that you will never find it. I found that the cleanser and mosituriser I used could contribute to my acne. Could it be the same for you?