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Yeah basically
on 08/06/2013
It dries out the zit. Put it directly on the pimple and that's it though. Like at night before bed. After you've washed your face.
Of course!
on 08/06/2013
Okay, it doesn't completley get rid of the zit but it does help dry it out and kill it a lot faster. Especially cystic acne. But the toothpaste has to be completely white and you apply it directly to the zit and nothing else.
on 08/06/2013
This isn't a COMPLETE life saver when it comes to acne but it does help considering green tea is an antioxidant. It cleans out your body. So yes it does help with acne. I haven't had some in a while and I have been breaking out.
on 08/06/2013
I haven't taken it for THAT long but I believe it does help tame my acne. But definitely not just on it's own. You should still be using other things to help with your acne.
on 08/06/2013
It does help a little bit. I'm currently on it. I've used it for over a year actually... It's good but you need to use it on the actual pimple itself. If you spread it around to other parts of your face, you will break out.
on 08/06/2013
It does help control a little bit of my acne, although I still break out consistently. Especially with cystic acne.
Side effects :(
on 08/06/2013
It really did help tame my acne and my acne is pretty moderate. I can't say that it was a miracle worker because it wasn't. But one night at a football game it was really cold and then for a couple months after that night I had pretty severe joint problems - basically arthritis - it turned out that it was this pill that was causing it. Once I was off this pill, I did start to break out again. :(