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    I recently went back into the main 22-page AMVC thread after being active a few years ago. I first noticed random scarring in 2013 and was plagued for about a year before the random scarring seemed to have stopped. I admittedly stopped examining my face in the mirror too (but don't think that is what made it "stop"). I ran the same circus as most people here. From 2013 to 2015, I've visited loads of dermatologists, a dermapathologist, rheumatologists, allergy docotors, naturopaths, Chinese acupuncturists, a Lyme literate naturopath. I've had a skin scraping done that showed no signs of any bugs, yeast, bacteria and have had tests for Lupus, Lyme and tick borne diseases, and scleroderma - none. The only near answer I got was in late 2015 from a rheumatologist who said I had blood tests that continued to show that I had some sort of detection of ANA positive (means I am testing positive for antinuclear antibodies). I had gone in to follow up with him since the Lyme literate naturopath I had seen in August of that year produced blood work results that showed I was positive for Lupus and ANA. The rheumatologist had me take a week long urine sample collection to thoroughly test for heavy metals but that came back negative as did a blood test for Lupus. The rheumatologist's most educated guess was that I maybe had some sort of "undifferentiated connective tissue disease" based on the ANA result and my description of the scarring. The story would have ended there since the scarring had stopped for me by then (I was just trying to find answers) but 2 weeks ago (which is 2-3 years later from my first encounter with random scarring), I noticed small divots forming out of nowhere. And since then, I've observed 7 or so new divots on my cheeks, forehead, and most recently one near my upper left eye near the nose bridge. There seems to be the same pattern of a new scar everyday. The only difference I have noticed this time around as opposed to back in 2013 is that (so far) I am just seeing pin drop like divots. No divots forming lines or any linear scars. I try not to subscribe to the belief of AMVC given it's supposed rareness but it's hard to stay positive. I had just spent the past year on microneedling treatments to fix my leftover scarring, and I feel like now, it was all in vain. I've had no wild diet changes and have cut back on fish consumption in the year since my reading on the alleged omega 3 connection years back, so I can't pinpoint what may have triggered this scarring. I read a suggestion in the AMVC thread from one of the last posts in there from a member named FindingHealth to take borage oil and to also apply it to the skin. Any updates from anyone? I know this forum and these AMVC threads have since gone pretty dead.
  2. AMVC spontaneous scarring

    Coming back on here after years. I initially popped into this thread in 2013 when I first experienced what I believe to be AMVC. My random scarring eventually stopped in 2014 but however, just last week, I observed that new tiny random pits were starting to show on my face. I've since observed new ones all over again. No extreme change in my diet or life, either. Has anyone here experienced a relapse like me?