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it works!
on 01/08/2013
after 7 months on accutane, acne returned and it was bad. And on top of acne returning I lost 50% of my hair. So, in a desperate attempt I decided to give regimen a try and it did wonders to my skin. I have no active acne and my skin is under control. It is costly for me to get it from states as I live in UK but I have no other option at the moment. I recommend it, give it a try:)
on 30/01/2013
It has been 3 months after I finished a 7 month treatment with low doses of 20mg per day. My face looks clear and there is no acne to be found, only scarring:) Hairloss continues but that is subsiding, I take biotin and other supplements to treat it. My oil returned 1 month after I stopped tane but it is not as bad as it used to be. I am type 1 diabetic but my treatment did not affect much my blood sugars or made me worse. I suffered from acne for 20 years and the only thing that ever made a dramatic change was accutane. I had a very bad moderate/severe acne to begin with so there was little hesitation as to weather I should try it or not. I am happy I did it and even through my hair is falling out I am happy I have a clear face:) Give accutane a chance if you have tried everything else. With best wishes to all!