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on 03/09/2012
Quite frankly, I'm not sure that I've ever made a better decision in my life.<br/>The drug has a very bad reputation, much of it undeserved in my opinion. Of course, as a beneficiary of this wonderful drug, and not one who has suffered any of the horrendous permanent side-effects that are rumoured to exist, my words should not be confused with wisdom. However, its success-rate is unparalleled in the dense world of scams and uncertainty that prevail in the acne medication market. As an acne sufferer, I know of how infuriating it can be when people with acne are accused of 'deserving' their condition, because of the preposterous stereotyping of those who label sufferers with their unhygienic lifestyle. As we know, THEY KNOW NOTHING. Its not about simply 'washing your face more' or 'eating less chocolate'. Often, face washes or a better lifestyle will not improve your acne. Sometimes you just have to entrust your treatment to science, and more to the point, PROVEN science. Not the holistic method, which may work for some, but of which I am not an admirer of as it never worked for me despite many attempts. No, sometimes medication is the answer, and people should not be so contemptuous of those that chose this path.<br/>Right, rant over, now I'll briefly explain my own experience:<br/>Having read at length the pros and cons of numerous people's experiences, and many an internet horror story, I was under the impression that I was putting myself in for a rough deal. Not so, as it turned out, at least for me anyway. The initial breakout was horrid, worst my skin has ever been, but it only lasted for 2 weeks. My skin took a little longer to see sustained clearing than I had hoped, it wasn't until after I'd passed the 3 month mark that I was seeing definitive improvement. That aside, the other listed side-effects were largely manageable and at worst just annoying, nothing more.<br/>Think long and hard about it, but if you're informed and level-heade