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on 27/02/2012
I used this product for a while and I get my usually breakouts on my forehead and t-zone. I wanted to try something else though to get rid of that acne and have been using GM Collin acne complex kit for about 2 weeks, so far it seems to be causing a slight breakout on my cheeks where I normally get no acne, so I may go back to using this Neutrogena System. I believe there's a chance it will work well for many people so I would reccomend it. It did not cause much irritation or any sort of severe breakout on my moderate acne prone skin. I may stick to this product if the new kit doesn't give me better results within a month or causes too much new acne (which I believe may be my skin clearing). The GM Collin was reccomended by my ethnetiscian and is $50 for much smaller bottles where this kit was larger bottle for $20. I'm hoping the new kit works better after a few weeks but I guess more expensive cleansers aren't necessarily better, but we will see. I would definatly not warn anyone to not try this Neutrogena kit, it works well but did not clear my skin enough for me to not want to try other products, but if you're considering trying this kit I would say go for it and see how it effects you for a month or so.