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on 10/02/2017
I have tried a lot of different stuff for my skin and had a pretty good regiment going on but then i decided to add AHA to take care of the whiteheads on my jaw. Unfortunately, it ended up making my skin purge. At least I eventually that's what was happening. At the time I was just upset that I was breaking out more.<br/>So then I saw that Differin was on available without a prescription I decided to try it. I figured since I was already purging that it really wouldn't be that different than what I had going on. I'm on week 4 of using Differin and honestly it really isn't any worse than what I was going through before. Actually, the zits popping up now seem to come to a head and heal faster. My skin is a bit more sensitive and some of my moisturizers are making my skin burn a bit, but it's not too bad tbh.<br/>My routine in the evening with the differin is a mild cleanser, then the differin, then some benzoyl peroxide, a serum and a moisturizer. Sometimes I'll use a bit of bha liquid from Paula's Choice on my more problem areas that aren't generally dry and flakey.<br/>If you're using this product and getting really bad dry skin, try getting some sheet masks off of amazon. I use them at the end of my routine after the differin is already on.
Sulfur Ointment Update!
on 27/02/2012
!!!BE AWARE!!! This product formula has changed recently and now contains fragrance. If you are allergic to fragrance or at least sensitive, use caution! The same company makes a sulfur powder, so if you wanna try mixing it with stuff and using that to have the sulfur w/o the fragrance, it might work.<br/>I've found that this product has really worked for me, much better than any BP product I've ever found. My blemishes have been smaller and fewer since using this product and it doesn't leave a film on my skin that some BP products have in the past. And, strangely enough, I rather like the sulfur smell. Smells like matches~<br/>Also, I want to take this space to note that a couple of negative reviews that this product has received seem to have stemmed from a profound lack of knowledge on how to use the product.<br/>!!! It is not meant to be left on the skin!!!<br/>As the instructions conveniently located on the package have informed me, the product is meant to be RINSED OFF.<br/>See, the binding agent in the ointment is water soluble. That means it dissolves in water. Since your face isn't made out of water, guess what? It's not going to absorb.<br/>Further more, you're only supposed t 10 minutes, not all day, not over night. 10 EFFING MINUTES. You know why? Because leaving it on for longer could, I don't know, IRRITATE YOUR SKIN MAYBE!?<br/>...<br/>I apologize if I seem a bit testy. It just pains me to know that one of the few products that has actually worked for me had a few reviews that were the result of ignorance of the product rather than product failure. Now, some of the negative reviews are valid, I'm sure, but honestly....<br/>That said, if BP works for you, then use BP. If it doesn't, you might want to try this sulfur product.