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  1. Life after accutane a log for me!

    day 6 diet changes: 2 eggs and vine tomatoes green smoothie - kale, banana, half avocado - every morning no pukka tea moisturiser on cheeks now using cetaphil cream
  2. Week 8 Lymecycline & Differin

    using retinoids can be a a very up and down process having been on them a lot over the years and spoken to countless people on them. Keep your head up and see what happens in the coming weeks maybe by week 12 if you are not happy/ there isn't much improvement ask for a change - epiduo might help it has the adapelene part as well as bp.

    a friend once had a similar issue - he tried BP which you can get over the counter and it helped a lot. Though it maybe your diet which is the root cause maybe so worth looking into that or if you wear a hat or cover your forehead and sweat a lot i.e cycling with a helmet on
  4. Week 3, day 1

    keep your head up i know the pain - i've had acne for 15 years in varying forms! I'm rooting for your so keep on trucking along
  5. Life after accutane a log for me!

    Day 2 Breakfast: 3 eggs , carrots and broccoli, olive oil Mid-morning: wild rice, mackerel, cucumber and tomato Snack: banana Evening: chicken, broccoli, carrot and green beans with olive oil 2 cups of pukka cleanse tea 3.5litres of water exercise 22 minutes supplements Skin: Sunburn on right inner side, some scabs from picking. left side scab from popped pimple. Inflammation seems a bit less so face isn't red in areas. Spot treated epiduo Mood: Okay fairly neutral at the moment not thinking about skin helps
  6. Life after accutane a log for me!

    30 day challenge for me. Routine: AM/PM - Cetaphil cleanser AM/PM cetaphil lotion PM - epiduo where needed or 2 on 1 off Diet: Water 3.5 litres a day 3 Meals a day ZMA supplement with lcartine Exercise 20-25 minutes a day - running Veggies with each meal, have fish everyday and olive oil, 1 or 2 pieces of a fruit a day - no gluten ,diary or added sugar 28/05/17 - Day 1: Issue on right cheek bone not sure what from probably from picking, rest of face has some sunburn - not great but got to keep going.