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on 18/04/2012
In the past, I've really dried out my skin with harsh cleansers containing SLS and then slathering on moisturizer to make up for the loss of water and oil in and on my skin. I think a lot of my pimples were caused by the harsh treatment of my skin. I had been researching moisturizing cleansers (once I found out that my cleanser was the culprit for my skin being dry underneath but oily on the surface) and I tried CeraVe hydrating cleanser for a while. It worked okay, but I just felt like it wasn't cleaning my skin as well as I wanted it to. I had always been afraid to try oil based cleansers, since I thought for sure it would cause me more acne. But I finally made the plunge and bought Albolene, a mineral oil-based, tissue-off cleanser.<br/>Albolene only contains 5 ingredients, the top two being mineral oil and petroleum. That sounds like a no-no for those with pimples like me, but I discovered that neither of these two things are comedogenic, nor are the other 3 ingredients. What I did find was that these two ingredients are fabulous for cleansing the skin of bad oils, dirt, makeup, dead skin cells, etc., while also keeping the skin's natural barrier intact.<br/>The directions tell you to apply a layer of product, massage onto the skin, then wipe off with a tissue. No water necessary. I liked this idea, since even using just water seemed to dry out my skin. I found that other people who use this product wipe off with a warm wet washcloth instead of a dry tissue. Washcloths are a bit too harsh for my skin, so instead, I wet a baby wipe, wring it out, then wipe off the product gently. I can tell its working because I can see dirt and yellowish oil (sebum) come off on the wipe! Since oil dissolves oil, I think it's cleaning deep in my pores and perhaps dissolving hardened sebum from my clogged pores!<br/>To clean up a little excess shine from the product, I've been following up with my CeraVe cleanser, then patting dry with a towel. So far so good!