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Works for me!
on 17/06/2014
Let me just start by saying i have suuuuper dry skin.<br/>I got a sample of this moisturizer from the medi spa I go to. I like it because it actually goes into the skin and makes my skin feel hydrated and comfortable, versus just sitting on top and making my skin feel sticky and dry. I will definitely purchase a bigger bottle.
Love this cleanser!
on 17/06/2014
I have mild to moderate acne and have been on ortho cyclen for about 4 months now.<br/>I love wearing makeup, but I hate using harsh cleansers to take it all off. I wear a full coverage foundation, powder, eyeshadow, waterproof eyeliner and primer everyday. This cleanser dissolves my makeup without irritating my skin and drying it right out.<br/>My skin has cleared up quite a bit, but I think that is because of the ortho cyclen. I just like this cleanser because it is so mild!<br/>Also, I really like the smell. It smells like I'm at the spa, which doesn't hurt ; p
Happy Happy Happy on Ortho Cyclen! :)
on 17/06/2014
This is actually a review for ortho cyclen, not ortho tri cyclen. It's the same hormones, it just does vary throughout the month.<br/>I'm so happy being on ortho cyclen. I have been on many other pills, and this is the first to make a difference to my acne.<br/>The first week, I broke out. Big ugly bumps all over my problem areas (chin and between eyebrows). Then, after the initial breakout, for the next two months my acne was the same as it had always been and I didn't notice a big difference. The usual big white heads mixed with lots of closed comedones.<br/>The medi spa I go to sometimes gave me a sample of a benzoyl peroxide cream, and I used it on my problem areas where the skin was really congested. I think this helped to speed up the process. It brought my closed comedones to a head and made my acne flare up horribly!<br/>But then ... magic! I feel as if the benzoyl peroxide helped to speed up the process of the ortho cyclen clearing my skin. Now, my skin is almost completely clear. My acne is so small it is very easily covered with a bit of foundation.<br/>So, although my skin is not yet perfectly clear, the ortho cyclen has minimized my acne so much I feel very comfortable and confident that it will all clear up soon.<br/>Plus, my periods are not heavy or painful. I am not nearly as dizzy and icky feeling on my periods as I used to be.<br/>My skin looks noticeably less congested and is not sore like it used to be.