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on 21/01/2012
worked wonders on dry + oily skin. cheap, give it a go.
on 21/01/2012
so after reading about 500 reviews i thought i might as well give it a go. at first i couldnt physically bring myself to apply my pee to my face, but when i eventually did i kept it on for 20 mins and washed off. i did this twice a day for a week and saw a tinny improvement. i stopped using it when my mum found out cause i think she thinks theres something wrong with me know haha. you have nothing to loose, its free + could work!
on 21/01/2012
dont use if your skins sensitive, despite negative reviews it is a good cleanser and does prevents blackheads/whiteheads.
on 21/01/2012
i have acne on my face, front and back. this product doesnt stop acne but it drys it up and makes a god mask. wouldnt recommend you to use it too much, but it may work for someone with very light acne! give it a go, only cheap and can be found nearly anywhere! x
on 21/01/2012
you definitely need to wait for these tablets to work, don't give up hope. i think after youre 3rd of 4th months there should be some improvement. if youre depressed etc seriously consider taking a different tablet as these dramatically effect your mood. good luck to anyone else trying them!x