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on 04/02/2012
I was persuaded by all the great reviews on this cleanser that I decided to try it for myself.<br/>At first I was very pleased with how gentle it was to my skin. However, I realized that it didn't remove all the impurites off my skin as I initially expected.<br/>The city where I live is among one of the most polluted cities in the world so I was raving for a cleanser which will help me cleanse my skin after a long day at school. Cetaphil failed to do that.<br/>After a few months of usage I quit and moved on with a new one. It is Oriflame's Pure Skin Scrub Face Wash which is so cooling. I'm loving it strongly recommended for acne sufferes (it has salicylic acid )
on 19/01/2012
I've been suffering from acne for half a year now ( I'm 18 )<br/>My skin used to look perfect and acne-free until after a horrible day it broke out like crazy.<br/>My parents, my friends and even my teachers they told me that my face was a mess. Can you imagine how sad it was. I felt devastated, I stopped going out and spent most of my time sitting alone at home. My mom took me to a hospital, then a derm, but nothing seemed to work.<br/>My aunt, she sent me the Proactiv Kit but at first I didn't dare to use because of all the negative comments on the internet.<br/>However, as I was so desperate and I realized that I had nothing to lose, I finally decided to try Proactiv the 3-step system.<br/>And it works !<br/>I know it doesn't work for everyone but I'm glad it works for me.<br/>The cleanser was too drying at first, and it left my face crazily red for 3 days but acne was gone !<br/>So, I decided that I couldn't use it everyday, so I switched to Cetaphil. However, as you all know Cetaphil is mild and gentle and to be honest it doesn't really cleanse the skin very well. So every 2 days I use Proactiv cleanser to exfoliate and prevent new acne and then switch back to Cetaphil.<br/>Just so you know, acne doesn't disappear in just one night so you have to be persistent and believe that you can CONTROL your acne. Do not let it control your life. Everyone deserves clear skin!!