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Seems like a Miracle Pill for Acne
on 17/01/2015
I've been taking Spiro for about a year and a half now. Before I started, I had mild-moderate acne. But it was embarrassing, because I would get big pustules or cysts sometimes and NOTHING was working. I finally went to a derm who I knew prescribed Spiro and she gave it to me right away. I started off on 50 mg, then increased to 100. It took maybe 2 months to kick in and then I was completely clear. I didn't get a single zit for a YEAR. That's amazing if you're an acne sufferer like me. I recently stopped taking it just to 'experiment' because I thought maybe I had just grown out of my acne by now. But my skin's been breaking out, so I guess it really was the Spiro working. I've started taking it again and am hoping it will work just as well. If you're a female and have tried nearly everything, I highly recommend Spiro. It's also decreased my oil production in my skin so I am not having to constantly blot my face.
GREAT product
on 30/06/2013
I love Milk of Magnesia. I first discovered it a few years ago when I was having BIG cystic zits pop up on my forehead that took forever to go away. Within one use of MOM, they got smaller and less inflamed. Now, years later, I still use MOM on those stubborn pimples that need to shrink fast. I usually just spot treat them and leave it on over night and by the next day, it is smaller and less red. I have never used it as a primer, simply because I get afraid that it might make my face flaky underneath my make up, but I can imagine this would be a great way to matte your skin if you have oily skin. Overall, give MOM a try, it's cheap and works so well!
on 05/09/2012
I bought this out of curiosity because I usually use Cetaphil as my face wash. After only two uses, my skin dried out a LOT. While moisturizing my face after washing, there were soooo many dead skin flakes coming off! I know salicylic acid is supposed to exfoliate your skin, but for me, this was a bit too much. After I stopped using it the flakiness went away. Also, do not use this if you are using a product with Benzoyl Peroxide. I had itchy patches appear on my face and I'm fairly certain it's from using this with Epiduo at night.
Temporarily clears
on 15/08/2012
Doxy completely cleared up my skin and has made it look way better than it has in years. I also use Epiduo at night, but I'm convinced that Doxy is what has improved my skin so much. Within 2 months, I saw significant improvement in my acne, and from there on I only saw more. Now, I am completely clear, and if I ever do get pimples they are extremely small whiteheads. I still get a pustule maybe once every two months or so. I am very happy with what Doxy has done for me.<br/>EDIT one year later: I still think Doxy got me out of one of the worst breakouts of my life, however, it did stop working after about 5 months of use. Basically, this only temporarily clears the skin, but sometimes you need that extra boost.
on 15/08/2012
I could not be happier with my decision to buy the Clarisonic Mia. My skin had been looking dry/dull, so I decided to invest in this and buy it from Sephora. It is VERY pricey--its only downfall--but to me, it's worth it. Within a few uses I noticed my skin looked visibly brighter, more even toned and healthier. Any dry, dull patches on my face were gone. And my skin just feels so fresh and clean after using! It's like a little facial every time I use it in the shower. I will definitely be using my Mia every day. I also did not suffer from an initial breakout on the Mia (I have read that some people do). But regardless, I would recommend anyone at least try it. This has improved my skin so much!
on 17/04/2012
I had moderate acne this past year and I started using Epiduo at night and taking Monodox (a pill) twice a day. Although it took time, this combination got rid of my acne completely, and I think Epiduo was the main cause of that. It dried up my skin a lot at first, but if you get a good moisturizer (I recommend CeraVe) and exfoliate daily, you can keep it under control. Epiduo works quickly but it takes time to completely get rid of your acne. After about two months, my acne was all gone. I still use Epiduo at night and I have no pimples on my face at all now. All that's left is hyperpigmentation, which will fade with time. All in all, Epiduo is a great product and I highly recommend it!
on 27/01/2012
For the price, this is a very good product. It leaves your skin feeling soft and supple, and I can usually notice a decrease in redness after washing it off. Depending on any zits I have at the time, it also shrinks or reduces inflammation in those. However, this is not an "acne cure" by any means, so don't get fooled into that. I use this mask several times per week and have found that it works quite well overall.