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  1. Lymecycline antibiotics

    Even when the antibiotic effect of Lymecycline fades it continues to work as an anti-inflammatory, so people can have good long-term success with it because it reduces inflammation indefinitely.
  2. It's very common to take the pill and spiro together, especially as spiro can sometimes mess with your cycles. So I would personally go for it, but make sure it's a pill the helps acne rather than makes it worse! (eg. high estrogen + antiandrogen like Diane, Yaz, etc.) Also, although I saw some improvement on spiro in the earlier months, it didn't start really working properly for me until months 6-8. It was a long drawn out process, so anything that can help it along a bit would be a good thing in my book.
  3. Getting worse every single day, especially since I increased to 15mg on Tuesday. My dermatologist said that would help but all it's done is make things even worse. Really feel like giving up.
  4. Thank you so much, it really helps to hear your story and know others have experienced similar disappointments but eventually been successful! So good to hear you're pretty much clear now. Right now I have a horrendous cyst on my forehead and it looks so disgusting, I am so disheartened to be getting this in week 10 when before I went on accutane I wasn't even getting ones this bad at all. I just increased my dose to 15mg yesterday so am really hoping that might make a difference to my skin (without destroying my hair even more....)
  5. Such a bad breakout this morning, I've literally been crying all morning and haven't moved from my bed. Haven't had ones as bad as this in ages. Why is it still making my skin worse instead of better in week 10?! Can an initial breakout really last this long or is accutane just never going to work for me? Please, any positive input would really help right now, I am utterly despairing.
  6. Clear skin in 2 weeks on Accurane?????

    Thank you. It really helps to hear that some others have still had breakouts for months as well. I posted to see if there were others but so far there seems to only be one other experiencing similarly disappointing results! My dose is pretty low to be fair, only 10mg though I'm allowed to increase to 15mg if I want but am a bit scared to because I'm already losing hair on 10mg. Glad you're getting such good results with yours. What dose are you on? And yeh I haven't eaten dairy in like 4 years now and it made a noticeable difference to me too. I still break out worse if I have even the slightest bit of cheese. The fat on red meats (especially bacon and sausages) do it for me too.
  7. Has anybody else experienced this please? I'm really losing hope and worrying that accutane is just never going to work for me.
  8. Clear skin in 2 weeks on Accurane?????

    Count yourself lucky and don't question it would be my view. I'm still breaking out badly and I'm in week 10. Really losing hope.
  9. Why am I only on 10mg Accutane?

    I'm on 10mg as well, in month 3. Most recent research does suggest that 10mg and 20mg courses are just as effective with far fewer side effects, so I'm trying to maintain hope. I also don't think my body would tolerate more than 20mg given how extremely it's reacted in terms of side effects to 2 months on 10mg.....
  10. Sorry to hear that parasect, but also kind of reassured that I'm not the only one! I thought the initial breakout was supposed to be around weeks 3-6 or something, not week 10 like I'm on.... I feel so demoralised but my doctor is telling me much the same, that it will work and that the turnaround should be soon. Maybe it has to do with us being on such a small dose? I think I might increase to 15mg next week, but I'm a bit scared to because my hair's been shedding loads and I don't want to make that worse. So desperate to see some improvement in my skin though. Just need some hope and some sign it's going to work like she swears it will, rather than just making things worse.
  11. Unfortunately I've been taking 10mg for 2 months and I've had shedding since the end of month 1 and it's still going strong. I don't want to stop the drug because I NEED it to work for my skin (my skin makes me suicidal) but I am so scared about what it's going to do to my hair. My hair is super long and really thick but so much is falling out every time I wash it now. I'm scared I'm going to go bald and have my appearance anxiety and obsession just transfer onto another problem. Having had acne for 12 years, my lovely long hair is about the only thing I've ever actually liked about my appearance and now I seem to be losing that as well.
  12. Thank you lovely, I really appreciate you taking the time to talk to me about it. I really hope your course runs smoothly and gets you the beautiful clear skin you want and deserve. My side effects hit around the end of week 1, but I don't understand the science of it so it might well vary for different people. Definitely recommend Vaseline for your lips and I've also switched from a normal shampoo and conditioner to using just a cleansing conditioner (Palmer's Cocoa Butter one) because my hair's been very dry and frizzy as well as falling out. My hair loves it and it definitely helps with frizz and dryness, but unfortunately hasn't stopped it falling out.... I've just ordered a scalp moisturiser though and am hoping that might help. Hope you keep us updated too, would love to know how you get on.
  13. Yeh, I feel like my skin needs a higher dose but the rest of my body can't take it if that makes sense. My dermatologist is convinced 10mg will work for me. I just feel so disheartened that I'm in month 3 and things are still getting worse when I'm doing everything right, I don't get it. My impulse was always to moisturise, moisturise, moisturise.... but my derm told me last appointment that the most common reason for isotretinoin not working as well as it should is because people overmoisturise, so she advised me to cut it down to once a day. I'm trying that this week (even though it goes against my every instinct!) to see if it brings any improvement and I think if it doesn't I'm going to be forced to go up to the 15mg dose, but I'm so scared of what that might do to my hair. That moisturiser does look good. I'm kind of attached to my Cetaphil because it's served me well for around 4 years and I know for sure it doesn't cause me any problems, but that one looks like a good choice too. My acne varies depending on what treatment I'm currently on..... untreated it's very severe cystic acne. Under treatment it probably counts as moderate. I definitely felt like it was hormonal because coming off my Dianette pill is what caused this latest deterioration in my skin but unfortunately the spironolactone never managed to clear me over 8 months on 100mg so now I'm not so sure. Just desperately praying isotretinoin will eventually clear me whatever kind of acne it is but so far it's not looking good....
  14. Hi Moonsss, thank you so much for your reply! And welcome to the forum. I don't tend to tone but I do cleanse and moisturise strictly twice a day (although my dermatologist has advised me to reduce the moisturiser to once a day now because she says too much moisurising sometimes prevents isotretinoin from working as well). I use super gentle products that haven't caused me any issues in the past (Cetaphil) and I'm very careful with what I put on my face in general, including makeup etc. so hopefully that's not where the problem lies. My derm did give me enough to increase to 15mg this month if I want to but I am being hit quite hard with the side effects (the hair loss is the big one, if it weren't for seeing my lovely hair fall out I would definitely be bumping up to 15mg right now). The issue is that it doesn't seem to be working for my skin. My skin is dry and flaking but it's still breaking out, I don't understand the logic at all.... My derm was convinced 10mg would work for me and that it would work quickly, but I'm in month 3 now and all it's done is given me a load of side effects and made my skin even worse. I don't get it. I know people often get initial breakouts, but it feels like it's been too long for that now so I'm worrying it's just not going to work for me at all. Good luck with your course, I really hope it goes well for you!
  15. Anybody please?
  16. Hi guys, please could I have some input here, I'm getting desperate! So after 8 months of spironolactone failing to clear my skin, my new dermatologist decided to go all out and put me on a 10mg course of isotretinoin (accutane). She told me that because my acne was fairly under control (but not clear) I would be unlikely to get much of an initial breakout and that because the dose was so low I was unlikely to get any side effects aside from a bit of dry skin and lips. She also told me that she expected it to get me completely clear within weeks, not months, and that I would definitely be seeing significant improvement by the end of month 2..... Boy was she wrong! Despite having a whole host of side effects (dry flaking skin, dry sore eyes, absolutely shredded lips, significant hair loss, muscle and joint aches, etc.) starting from week 2, I have still seen no improvement in my acne. In fact, it's STILL getting worse not better. I know this drug is renowned for having an initial breakout, but I really expected that to be gone within the first 2 months. I feel like my progress (or lack of) is not following the normal pattern here at all. When she saw me at the end of month 1 she said that I look like someone on 40mg not 10mg because of how extremely my body has responded to the drug in terms of side effects and she said that was a really good sign because side effects usually come just before a big improvement in your skin. But that was 7 weeks ago now and my skin is still getting worse..... I'm really starting to despair. Can anyone shed any light on this or offer any thoughts or suggestions? Does it really usually take this long to stop making things worse and start making things better? Should I persevere in the hopes that it will work or resign myself to the fact that I'm part of the something like 0.01% of people on the planet that this drug does not work for? Any thoughts would be much appreciated.