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  1. No, if anything it's just getting worse. I am so depressed about it right now and am not even leaving the house. Can't cope with the unpredictablity and lack of control. Thanks for the suggestion, I will try ditching the multivitamin and see what happens. I'm quite a creature of habit with my diet so there are loads of foods I eat either every day or multiple times a week. I am always pretty healthy though, lots of fruit and veg, I try to eat low GI wherever possible so lots of whole grains, I don't eat dairy or red meat, and eat little to no added sugar. My skincare regimen is Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion, with Epiduo added in as a treatment in the evening (been on that for years to help with acne) and a very light mineral foundation with spf in the morning on the rare occasions I can make myself leave the house.
  2. Hi, thank you so much for all the advice and info! I always try to be super gentle with my skin, never exfoliate, use minimal products etc. I haven’t been diagnosed with rosacea and to be honest I’m praying I don’t have it because from what I understand it’s a chronic condition that isn’t really curable. But the past 6 months my skin’s been flushing red at random for no apparent reason (other than heat which definitely seems to be a trigger) and when it does all my active spots and all hyperpigmentation from the past year or so shows up in super high relief making my skin look 100x worse than it actually is. It also tends to feel kind of burney or stingy when it does it. Does that sound like rosacea? I honestly don’t know, it’s just the only thing I’ve come up with on Google…. I had thought that it was a side effect of the Spironolactone that I’ve been on for the last 6 months but my dermatologist is 100% convinced that it’s not and reducing the dose didn’t seem to reduce the problem either so she’s probably right, but I’d never really had this issue before taking Spiro. I don’t eat or drink hot stuff anyway, but I meant it does it when food is even just warm, I have to have it cold enough that most people would be reheating it in the microwave in order for it to not do it…. Not sure if that’s normal? Seems excessive! Literally can’t have a not cold meal anymore. Also happens when I’m warm enough for the rest of my body not to be actively shivering with goosebumps, doesn’t need me to actually feel hot, just comfortable, and it does it. I’ve been really careful with my diet over the last 9 months in attempt to clear my acne up but eliminating various things has caused me to now be underweight which I doubt is really helping either. No idea what things would even trigger rosacea (if that is what this is). I don’t eat dairy and have pretty much eliminated added sugar already. Also take a multivitamin and always use spf, so sounds like I’m doing some things right at least! Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it. I’m finding the whole thing really upsetting and distressing and don’t really know what to do to make it any better. It’s stopping me leaving the house at the minute because it’s so unpredictable and I can never know when it’s going to happen in public. Really want my life back again. ☹
  3. Typing on the forum is very slow

    This happens to me too! Also on Google Chrome and it also happens in private messages for me as well as on the main board.
  4. So, the question is basically in the title. I've recently bought a moisturiser that I like but is so thick that by the time I've managed to rub it in my skin has gone really red and angry and irritated just from the rubbing process (after half an hour or so it chills out again and isn't accompanied by burning or anything so I know it's not an allergic reaction). I'm just wondering if it is possible to dilute a thick moisturiser like this with a bit of water to make it thinner and go on easier or is that a really stupid idea? Has anyone tried it?
  5. Thank you. This is why I'm always super careful with what I put on my skin and do research and patch tests first! Unfortunately there's a risk with any new product, but sometimes I guess we have to take the risk to find out what works and what doesn't. It is a scary process though, I hate it. Hi, thank you so much for your really informative comment. I will look into the SkinCeuticals product you mention, but I'm thinking the Eucerin might be a bit more in my price range! (I felt a bit extravagant even forking out £20 for that but I was just so desperate for something to make a difference). I am actually completely new to the rosacea thing (not even sure if that's what I have, but the symptoms fit) so I had no idea diet could trigger it and have never heard of nightshade vegetables at all. What is the theory behind diet being linked? Are there any other things that might trigger it that I should avoid? Currently heat seems to be my biggest trigger for flaring, which is problematic because by heat I mean just a comfortable temperature where I'm not actually shivering.... Also drinking tea or eating food that is anything more than vaguely lukewarm does it as well. I actually can't eat hot meals anymore. Is that normal? Really hoping that over time the Eucerin might help calm it down and make it react less to these things as that's what it claims to do, but I shan't hold my breath!
  6. Private Accutane Prescription (UK)

    Sorry to hear that. I'd advise trying a different GP and really emphasise the toll your skin is taking on you mentally. Can I ask what other treatments you've tried? What is your GP treating your skin with at the moment?
  7. I've been reliant on the blue cap one for years but have been unable to get any more of it and have had to buy the green one instead but haven't tried it yet.... Just wondering, did you continue to have problems with the new one or did it turn out to be something else in the end?
  8. Should I moisturize my body?

    I'd say definitely moisturise as it should soothe the irritation. Nothing wrong with moisturising your body, I guess maybe some people just don't need to. I would always moisturise anywhere I was putting benzoyl peroxide as it's pretty harsh on the skin.
  9. Private Accutane Prescription (UK)

    I don't believe you can. I think if you go private to get the prescription then everything has to be done private. But I could be wrong. Is there a reason you don't want to go via the NHS route, are you worried about the waiting times? It's often worth phoning up intermittently once you've got an appointment to see if you can get an earlier cancellation as they do come up. I managed to get seen a whole month sooner by doing that once.
  10. How severe is my acne(pics included)

    Super mild. Both of you. Most people on here would kill for skin like yours. Frankly I wouldn't even say you had acne, you have the normal skin the rest of us can only dream of. Lucky you! Posts like this make me feel so depressed about my own skin it's not even real....
  11. Hello all. I've never had cause to come on the rosacea and facial redness part of the forum before but unfortunately this has been a real issue for me recently; mainly intense, unpredictable flushing that comes with blotchy red patches and broken veins and is particularly brought on by heat. My dermatologist recommended trying a green tinted moisturiser to disguise it and after much research into ingredients (because I'm still really prone to breakouts and terrified of trying new products on my skin) I've just bought one called Eucerin AntiRedness Concealing Day Cream spf25 that's specifically designed for hypersensitive skin. I was just wondering if anyone had tried this and if so what they thought of it? Would love to hear some experiences before slathering it all over my face. I've already done a patch test on my neck and ears and haven't had a reaction yet so hoping that's a good sign, but will give it plenty of time just to be sure. My main concern is that it won't break me out as I have enough acne problems as it is without adding to them. Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
  12. Hi, I just wanted to chip in because I'm in the UK and currently on Spironolactone. I got it from an NHS consultant dermatologist so if you can get your GP to refer you to the hospital dermatology department you can ask about it there. I thought I was going to have loads of trouble convincing them to prescribe it to me but they totally agreed with me that my acne was hormonal and were quite happy to let me try it. Worth going armed with a bit of research I think. I took this medicine assessment from a Lancashire NHS trust and this American journal article on its efficacy in post-teenage female acne with me to the appointment and I think that really helped. But like I say, they didn't really need much convincing in the end! It is prescribed on the NHS, just not as a first port of call unless you ask for it I think. It's cheaper for them than isotretinoin so that always works in our favour as well. Good luck!
  13. Which pill to move to for hormonal acne

    It's probably not any safer, but Dianette has really helped my skin and is high estrogen.
  14. Alternatives to roaccutane / accutane?

    I was told for years that I couldn't have isotretinoin because of being prone to depression, but my current dermatologist is a consultant and has been part of academic research into possible links of isotretinoin to depression and assures me that actually it's a false correlation. Like me she thinks that it's the severity of acne that warrants treatment with isotretinoin (and the potential for it to flare up worse at the beginning of treatment) that accounts for most, not not all, experiences of depression while taking the drug. So if you're keen to try it then it might be worth searching around for a dermatologist who will prescribe it to people with a history of depression because they do exist. As for other treatments, have you tried spironolactone? It's what I'm on at the moment and it's an anti-androgen that can only be taken by women but is a good one to try if you suspect your acne is hormonal and aren't ready to take the plunge and commit to isotretinoin. It does have to be prescribed by a dermatologist though as acne is an off-label use of the medication.
  15. Dietary Fat causes cystic acne?

    I find certain kinds of fat break me out (mainly dairy fat and red meat animal fats) but following a near fat free diet didn't clear me up, if anything it just made things worse. Maybe try experimenting to see if it is certain kinds of fats for you and whether some fats are okay, because having a diet almost free from fat is not good for anyone anyway (I'm now underweight as a result of cutting out as much fat and sugar as humanly possible for around 6 months and I keep getting ill all the time to boot).
  16. Can mold or allergies cause bronchitis?

    Not sure what this has to do with acne.... but yes, mold and damp can certainly cause bronchitis, especially if your airways are already sensitive (I have latent asthma and was constantly getting respiratory infections at university when I was living in a student house with mold and mildew.) Perhaps you could take a dehumidifier to work with you to put on whilst you're there? Might not solve the problem completely, especially if it's a big building, but it should help a bit.