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Not for sensitive skin....
on 22/08/2016
I know loads of people on here have had wonderful success with the regimen, but I thought I'd chip in my two cents to say that I, personally, did not.... I followed the rules down to a tee, added jojoba oil to my moisturisers, built up the bp slowly, etc. etc. but even after a year on the regimen my skin still couldn't handle using bp twice a day. It was just constantly bright red, dry, irritated and sore to the point where I could barely move it most of the time. Not a pleasant experience at all, it was unbearable and my skin felt utterly destroyed. Then to make matters even worse when I came off it I had the worst breakout of my life with horrendously severe cystic acne all over my face. My conclusion is that it might be great for some people, but it's definitely not suitable for people with sensitive skin like me.
Best foundation I've found for my acne-prone skin
on 26/08/2013
I love this foundation. I've tried quite a few different ones over my long time struggling with acne and I kept coming back to this one time and time again after others broke me out so now I would never use anything else! The coverage is good enough for me most of the time and the cameo tone matches my skin perfectly. It also contains spf 18 which is good for anyone who burns easily or is using benzoyl peroxide. It doesn't feel heavy and I've never found it to break me out so for me it's definitely a keeper!
Broke me out terribly!
on 26/08/2013
The title says it all, this foundation broke me out terribly. I don't think it was the only culprit but it definitely exacerbated the acne that I already had. I also found the tone overly pink for me even though the same tone (cameo) in another one of Maybelline's liquid foundations matches my skin perfectly. For someone who doesn't have acne issues it could be a good foundation. It is quite long wearing, though nothing like as long as 24 hours in my opinion, and it goes on easily and gives good coverage. But I would warn acne sufferers to stay away!
Great for sport treating and reducing inflammation quickly
on 26/08/2013
This is a great little gel for spot treating and quickly reducing inflamed spots and redness because it contains 4% nicotinamide which is an anti-inflammatory. But I found it no good for long term treatment and it definitely can't do much when your acne is severe, although to be fair it is only advertised as for the treatment for mild to moderate inflamed acne. If you want something as a quick fix for mild/moderate spots this can help you out in a sticky situation but I wouldn't recommend it as a long-term treatment plan or for severe acne. I also didn't like the fact that it contains alcohol because that made it unnecessarily drying but it definitely doesn't cause the irritation issues you get with things like benzoyl peroxide and in comparison is very gentle. Worth a try for some!
Fantastic Cleanser for Sensitive Skin
on 26/08/2013
I have so much love for this cleanser. My skin's extremely sensitive and has looked so much less irritated since I started using this cleanser instead of some of the harsher acne-treating type cleansers. Feels lovely on the skin, no fragrance or other things that irritate the skin. As some other reviewers have said it doesn't really lather but I don't find this a problem at all because it cleanses nicely if you just apply it as it is. My only criticism is that it's not powerful enough to remove foundation so I have to use cleansing wipes for that before using this cleanser at night.
Great moisturiser to use alongside drying acne treatments
on 02/08/2013
I was surprised to see such negative reviews for this moisturiser on here. I know it doesn't suit everyone, but when using it for what it is intended for I've found it to be the best of its kind that I can easily get hold of here in the UK. Let's be clear, this moisturiser is intended for "very dry sensitive skin" or "following certain dermatological treatments" meaning that if you're using it on its own for oily, acne-prone skin you're bound to be disappointed. I've always used it in conjunction with either Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% or Epiduo and for me it is a godsend because it keeps my skin smooth, moisturised and flake free after such harsh treatments but does not cause me to break out anew. The only criticisms I have is that it can appear shiny on the skin, especially if you use too much, and it doesn't contain spf so it is a really great moisturiser for nighttime use but I am still searching for a good moisturiser for during the day!<br/>Conclusion: if used for what it's intended for this is a really gentle and highly effective moisturiser.
Best shine control moisturiser I've found
on 06/07/2013
I have tried many different moisturisers that claim to control shine and this is the first one I have ever been vaguely satisfied with. You have to give it a good chance to see results as its effectiveness seems to build over the first few weeks with regular use but after about a month it's doing a brilliant job for me and provides a good base for make-up as well. I really wouldn't live without it now I've finally found it as it's an affordable price and does the job much better than the more expensive ones I've tried. If you're like me and have struggled for years with shiny oily skin I really recommend that you give this product a good test run as it really has made a significant improvement for me and is something I will be buying it again and again!