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on 26/08/2012
DO NOT BUY PROACTIVE!!! These money suckers hire INSANE people who will blow out your ear drums whenever you come across any problem with their product.<br/>People, the medicine they use WILL make your face red and dry but that's not the point. The point is doing a regimen that WORKS. Who the hell do these people think they are? Their company sucks, their employees suck, and they have more "Consumer Reports" and "Scams" (Google it) than any other TV advertisement I have seen or care to read up on. Do some research on the company and THEN review it when you get off the product.<br/>I bought their product and tried to cancel two weeks later when I found out what these people do for a living, but it was too late because they ALREADY sent out the second package for TWICE as much! We tried canceling the order but they refused to leave our bank account alone. We closed our bank account next month JUST to get these people off our ass but they CALLED OUR BANK demanding us to pay for the second AND third month!!! ARE YOU F***ING SERIOUS?!<br/>We ended up pouring everything the sent us down the drain. The regimen takes way too much time, makes your skin smell and feel like ass when you get off it, and their customer service literally harasses you AND your bank/credit card company making sure that you make payments you never authorized on. RESEARCH the company people!!! RESEARCH!!! Screw these people for taking several hundred dollars away from us and for wasting our time.