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on 27/11/2012
I have adult and cystic acne after the pill and year of antibiotics to try and rid me of them. Nothing else worked long term until this. I thought it would stop working but a year later and Im clear. I get the odd spot which fades fast now. I apply this only in the morning then apply a sunscreen. On its own its really potent and can sting alittle. You can mix it with one drop of bio oil to dilute it too and it wont break you out. You skin may become sensitive to scraing so dont pick, cysts and whiteheads will fade so fast with this, just leave them, trust me. You have to try this I was suicidal before finding this
on 29/12/2011
Used for a year, stopped working after 6 months<br/>DO NOT TAKE THIS!!! I wish I could go back to before I took this and try natural diet and supplements as my skin has never been the same.<br/>I also now suffer from digestion problems.