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on 16/12/2011
If you have extremely sensitive acne-prone skin, do not use this. It contains an ingredient "Myristyl Myristate" which is a comedogenic ingredient (as Dan has also mentioned on this website). The cream irritated my pimples and made them itchy. This might work great for others, but if you have extremely sensitive skin (like me) beware.
on 14/12/2011
Im 22 and suffer from hormonal jaw and chin acne. I have gone back to using this back and forth. I truly believe that this does help your skin, however, I dont believe that it helps in the long run. this does help get rid of my redness (around my chin) and when i stopped using it, i noticed that my redness came back so then I used it again. My pimples haven't gotten worse but they appear a lot smaller. The spot treatment does help diminish the pimple but I can't tell you for a fact that if it really does help get rid of it. When I use the spot treatment on some pimples, it will get rid of it on some and on others it will diminish. What I love about this is that its all natural without harsh chemicals in them that's the only reason why I would repurchase. Yes, the cleanser does dry your skin so put on a moisturizer after (DO NOT use burts bees moisturizer). I also bought the toner which they didnt include in the picture. The toner gets rid of oil and dirt and again, I love that it's natural. All of these products include natural salicylic acid derived naturally from willow bark extract.