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on 28/07/2012
It works really well but it isn't recommended for people with oily and acne-prone skin. I have combination skin.
on 16/06/2012
I just started using ice on my face the last week or so as a spot treatment. I have mild-moderate acne and I found that using ice on developing pimples really kills it fast.<br/>What I do is I take an ice cube from the freezer and place it gently on any developing bumps that I know are emerging zits. I hold it at each of them for about 20 seconds and then just gently glide the remaining ice on my whole face in circular motions. Areas under your eyes are sensitive so I try to avoid those parts. And immediately after using ice, I find that the bump is very much diminished and are already disappearing instead of continuing to emerge. The immediate effects are astonishing! I was quite surprised at how it was so fast! Definitely recommended to stop zits from developing but do be aware that you shouldn't put ice at one place for too long as ice can burn your skin! If you really need to, give your skin a break first between icings. Yeap, good luck! (:
on 17/03/2012
People, before reading this.. You need to know that Neutrogena On-The-Spot Acne Treatment is only effective on your pimples. So in order to achieve flawless results, here's a summary on my skin story/tips..<br/>I've had pimples all around my chin and a few on my cheeks. And it really annoys me alot and least to say that i have no confidence to face people directly.<br/>So i gave myself a month to heal my acne, and it's been just 4 days. And i must say, my acne has been improving without additional pimples popping out. And my complexion has become real smooth and tighten.<br/>Here are some of the tips that i recommend for any skin types.. (Especially for people who has severe acne and wanting to heal more naturally without the need to spend loads.)<br/>1) Use a suitable cleanser to cleanse your face thoroughly, ALWAYS wash your face with warm water as it opens up your pores and wash away the excess oils and dirts.<br/>2) Make sure to GENTLY pad on your face with a clean towel.<br/>3) Boil a pot of HOT water. You can use mint or green tea leaf to soak into the hot water. If you don't have any of those, just HOT water will be fine. Make sure it's extremely HOT so that you can use it to steam your face. Just find a comfortable positiong/place for you to steam your face and make sure you'd be careful not to burn yourself. Steam about<br/>5 to 10mins. After that, wash your face with cold water. So that it closes your pore.<br/>4) This is optional but i'd always find it pretty useful. Take ice cubes to rub over your face for about 3 to 5 mins. By using ice cubes on your face, it can reduce imflammations if you have pimples and tighten the face. And rmb to dry your face before toner & moisturizer.<br/>5) After the basic skincare rountine, use NEUTROGENA ON-THE-SPOT ACNE TREATMENT. Rmb not touse for your whole face, just on the areas that needs to be treated like pimples or spots.<br/>So i hope these tips can help you guys! Good luck!