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on 22/07/2014
This is a beautiful drug.. It cleared my skin up well.. I took for 5 months.. 4 months in I was completely clear. Oil went away and marks did too.. Didn't really care about blood test in stuff.. I was just grateful to be getting clear skin.. After about 8 months after stopping drug.. The acne came back.. And so did oil.. So now I'm trying it again..I heard once u take it the second time around it's hard for it to come back again.. I don't regret taking accutane. It does wonders for your skin, that's y I'm trying it a second time.. The worst side effect I had was just dry lips.. But I rather have that then bumps everywhere.. If there is anyone out there that has did accutane twice please write a comment to tell me how it went.. Thanks and good luck on journey.