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on 27/11/2011
Unfortunately I am unable to evaluate this product by itself as an acne treatment. My dermatologists suggested I use it in combination with my prescription treatments (doxy, benzaclin, tretinoin). The combination has worked great.<br/>This cleanser does seem to do it's part; I usually have oily skin and will have an oily buildup on my face by the end of the day. I scrub with this before applying the tretinoin in the PM. So far the routine is working, and I've seen a dramatic reduction in my acne.<br/>Bottom line: I don't think this will be an effective, long-term treatment for acne when used by itself, but I think it's a great complement for more aggressive treatment of moderate acne.
on 27/11/2011
I believe this scrub has those little microbeads which help exfoliate skin. Overall, it smells fantastic and does make your skin smooth afterwards.<br/>As for a treatment for acne, it doesn't do much, which comes from the fact that the active ingredient is salicylic acid. Aside from being incredibly mild, salicylic acid doesn't do much outside of opening up your pores and exfoliating your skin. As we all know, this is just one small part of why most people get acne. You really need to incorporate a benzoyl peroxide product along with this treatment. I would recommend using this first, followed by a benzoyl peroxide scrub.<br/>I think it's a good product. I'm not sure if it is advertised to be specifically for acne, but it doesn't really work.
on 27/11/2011
I tried turmeric (both topically and pill form) for my moderate acne. Long story short, it simply did not work. If you decide to use it topically, it will definitely dye your skin yellow. Some soaps are better than others at washing it off, but for the most part, nothing works that well.<br/>The pill form, curcumin, also didn't work. I took the Nature's Bounty brand for about a month before giving it up.<br/>I see that this treatment has worked for others in the past, but it just didn't work for me. Go see your dermatologist.
on 26/11/2011
Let's get it straight, the reason people on this website use this product is because they think it will help them with their acne. However, this simply does not work for mine. Biore certainly makes attractive products- they all smell great and feel really refreshing.<br/>The problem with this product and moderate to severe acne is that the active ingredient is salicylic acid. Salicylic acid in reality doesn't do a whole lot other than open your pores, making them susceptible for *other* treatments. For many acne-sufferers, this is simply not going to improve their condition.<br/>I read one reviewer saying this is "gentle" and doesn't do "stripping". "Stripping", or removing a layer of skin may actually help some acne sufferers. The reason some people get acne is because they have relatively thick skin, which doesn't promote regular cell turnover, thereby clogging their pores. This is exactly what tretinoin does as a prescription medication.<br/>In short, this product is just far to mild to be effective. I think it may benefit people with very light acne, but it just didn't do anything for me.
on 26/11/2011
I was prescribed amoxicillin for a throat infection for about a week, but one of the side effects turned out to be a clearing of my acne. However, amoxicillin isn't really prescribed as an acne treatment because it is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, meaning it will kill most of the bacteria in your body, good or bad. Minocycline and doxycycline are more commonly prescribed for acne.<br/>Bottom line: it does work, but go ask your dermatologist for something less aggressive. Also, it is important to note that antibiotics, no matter what kind, are never a long-term solution for acne. Your dermatologist will help you develop a regimen that will probably consist of a combination of retinoids, antibiotics, and benzoyl peroxide.
on 26/11/2011
The first time you use a Biore nose strip, it looks awesome- all those sebum plugs on the strip makes you think you've done some deep pore cleaning. I know the first time I used it, I was like WOW! However, this is pretty much an illusion.<br/>The fact is, removing these sebum plugs this aggressively causes your body to produce more sebum to fill those pores (which are now empty), thus aggravating any preexisting acne.<br/>You can't really use this over an active acne pimple because it can't really pull anything out due to the inflammation. You are better off letting the acne run its course. In conclusion, I think this is definitely not a product to help with acne; it's really for people who don't have acne who want to reduce the appearance of the pores on their noses.
on 26/11/2011
Like proactiv and almost all other acne treatments, the active ingredient in this system is benzoyl peroxide. I used it consistently, twice daily, for about 2 years. I think the first night I used it, it literally cleared about 80% of my acne overnight. But over time, like proactiv, it stopped working.<br/>I don't believe this is meant to be a long-term solution to acne. If you have puberty onset acne, it may help to get you through those couple of years, but for people with adult acne, you'll probably need something stronger.
on 26/11/2011
Unfortunately for me, I used this when I was still trying to find an OTC treatment for my acne. I know it works in some people and they swear to it, but it simply didn't work for me. I used it as a spot treatment continually for about 3 weeks and did not see an improvement in the time or the severity of the acne.<br/>I think this just shows how everyone's skin is a little different and what works for some is a huge disappointment for others.
on 25/11/2011
I was put on a regimen of doxy, benzaclin, and tretinoin and it's worked very well. The idea behind the doxy is not to take it forever, but to mitigate the initial breakout which results from using the tretinoin.<br/>Being an antibiotic, the longer you take it, the larger the population of antibiotic-resistant bacteria on your skin (and in your body) will dominate, because you are selecting for their growth (by constantly eliminating non-resistant bacteria). This always results in the drug eventually not working. I don't think many dermatologists prescribe this drug by itself anymore because it's not really a long-term option; they do it to buy you some time.<br/>You do get some nausea with this drug. I would say I have a pretty strong stomach, but even I'm reluctant to take this on an empty stomach. But I can't really complain about the results because IT DOES WORK (at least for me). Eventually your dosing will be reduced from twice a day to once a day, and maybe once every other day. The dermatologist doesn't want you on this for a long time because it makes you susceptible to stuff like pneumonia, or if you need antibiotics to treat illnesses in the future.
on 25/11/2011
Benzaclin is basically benzoyl peroxide with a topical antibiotic (clindamycin). It works pretty great, especially as spot treatment, and *especially* if you use it with another product. I was prescribed this along with tretinoin and it's worked wonders. Benzaclin in the AM and tretinoin in the PM. I do believe that benzaclin was the reason I didn't really experience an initial breakout with tretinoin.<br/>The only downside really with benzaclin is that it tends to bleach clothing and pillowcases. I've actually lost a couple of shirts to this product, but it's a small price to pay for clear skin, as many, many acne-sufferers will agree.<br/>I don't really know at this point if benzaclin loses its effectiveness over time (although common sense suggests it might, due to the fact it contains an antibiotic). At this point, I am reluctant to change my regimen.