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on 03/07/2012
Unfortunately this cleanser did not work out for me. I used it for about 2.5 weeks, once in the morning and once in the evening each day (no moisturizer used). I have highly sensitive, somewhat oily skin that is prone to mild/moderate acne. I have been on doxycline 100mg per day for the last 5 months . At first the cleanser seemed quite good, but I could tell it was rather drying. After about 1.5 weeks of use I started developing small little whitehead pimples across center of my forehead and on my nose. Each day there would be 3-4 more. The tops of the pores appear to be sealed over due to the drying properties of this cleanser. I couldn't take any more and had to abandon use yesterday. I must 15 little scabs on my face in various states of healing. Definitely the worst my skin has looked in a long time. Hope others have better luck with this product than me:-(