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on 23/11/2011
Ok let me start by saying this, it is my time of the month and I have NOT had any breakouts thus far using this tea. Which is a miracle... I TRULY believe this works. Morning and night I have one 12oz cup of Get Gorgeous AND Get Clean. In between I'll have either 1 or 2 cups of Get Gorgeous. Packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. Have been on minocycline which didn't work at all. I am now clear with the occasional zit which lasts about a day or 2. Forget all the chemicals that can do harm and try this (my regimen):<br/>One a day women's multivitamin Healthy Skin Support (best multivitamin for skin)<br/>Get Gorgeous tea. (Mix Get Clean also for extra punch)<br/>Baking soda as mask and exfoliant to treat existing acne and help prevent (truly works)<br/>Thats all you need.<br/>Try getting your body healthy from the inside , it totally worked for me 100%. Not only clears your skin but gives you energy and promotes allover health. Screw junk chemicals.
on 23/11/2011
This product works better for me than any prescription or over the counter products I have tried to date. I use as mask, and exfoliant. Progressively lightening my scars. Super product. Worth a try. For even better lightening of the scars, mix with a little hydrogen peroxide. My face has cleared up a considerable amount. Goodluck everyone.