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My experience after TWO courses of accutane
on 13/10/2013
I have suffered with acne all of my life and tried EVERYTHING, topical creams, over the counter stuff, various anti-biotics, cutting out diary, diets, home-made remedies, etc. Went on accutane at 19 when I was at my wits end. Had (still have) mild to moderate acne around the sides of my mouth and lower cheeks. \first course was for 2 and a half month but I stopped because I felt my hair falling out. Skin was clear for just over a year and then I broke out worse than before. Panicked and went back on roaccutane for 4 months, my long elbow length hair was a mess and I have had to cut it SHORT to get rid of the dead dried up ruined ends. Yes roaccutane will clear you up, yes it does work in that respect, but at a price, and only for a limited amount of time in my case.I have heard of miracle stories where people go on one course and TA DA thats that and years down the line thier skin still doesn't trouble them. However, I have also heard of many stories similar to my own, where skin only stays clear for an amount of months/years until you find yourself breaking out again. In my opinion, it is always worth giving roaccutane a try if you have tried everything else and if you want to discover if you are one of the lucky ones accutane offers permanent results to. If like me you are a female and find your acne typically hormonal then I wouldn't bother. It will always return eventually. There is no quick-fix for hormonal acne. You can follow my time through my second course of roaccutane and see a full list of my pros and cons here [link edited out] .<br/>P.S (price was - first course I did throguh NHS so meds were free, second course private so £60 per prescription. Plus extra money I spent combatting the side effects such as lip balm, eye spray, etc).