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  1. No don't drink Alcohol almost at all. But when I do - Yes, I do get break outs. At most I drink a bottle of beer once in while and it causes no problems. Weed has no effect on me, but I very rarely practice that. I don't do weight lifting so I don't know. I do rock climbing and bouldering. Never noticed any correlation.
  2. This is the post I made 4 years ago when my acne was affecting my personal life, confidence and occupied a lot of my time. Please keep in mind some of my views have changed (I'm going to elaborate in this post). After following that regimen for a few months in 2013 the situation has become normal and I stopped looking at this forum. Recently I've noticed this forum has been sending me summaries of recent posts and I thought "Why don't I unsubscribe? I know my stuff" but before that I thought of updating on my approach in case anyone looking for answers right now would need confirmation. May be I could help someone. It's in no way a scientific conclusion being anecdotal experience but I've learned a few more things since then. So I want to share them. 1) The all organic diet is expensive and not really needed. Yes some organic produce may have less residue of pesticides on them usually due to them being from smaller farms/ being locally produced. But overall the food is the same. Check articles about myth of organic foods and don't waste your money. Anyway to UPDATE on my diet: Since late 2013 I've been eating normal food (not overpriced) but just the same sort of approach (no or very little sugar, coconut oil, turmeric, beetroot etc. included in my diet). No fizzy sugary drinks, no coffee, just water and occasionally juice. Exercise daily, not just workouts, need cardio, can't sit all day. Normally I don't eat bread, don't consume cow milk or any derivatives from it. I eat meat (beef or chicken) but only 1-2 days a week. Every morning I start with a glass off water and a bowl of oatmeal. I don't consume caffeine unless it's in dark chocolate. Sometime I have green tea if I need to be very awake and focused after a late night. But it's generally a bad idea and leads to small break outs. By the way: In the past year I've actually been rather slack and consumed more take away food, more sugar and didn't compensate for that enough. But I'll tell about it later below. 2) All of the problems with acne seem to come from a cumulative effect of dong something wrong for a few months or years. In fact now I understand that when you get cystic acne and you start going "oh my, something must be wrong with my body, I should change my ways" because you feel bad and look ugly. In a way we, people with acne prone skin, have this gift. I seriously think in our days it's a gift because those things indicate that something is wrong with our body, that we've been doing something not enough or too much. Think about heart problems, sugar consumption etc. If you don't have acne you would not care until something fails and you get really sick or die. With acne we get a chance to prevent small issues and imbalances from turning into disasters. For example perhaps you have had a bad sleeping pattern. Unlikely you'd get cystic acne if for 5 years you had good sleep and then suddenly your sleeping pattern has become bad. No, you will start getting it after a year or so. Depends on your overall health. Same with different foods. The proof for me of cumulative effect is in recent cystic breakouts I had (past 2 weeks). Made me remember the bad old days, haven't had 5 cysts at a time for 3-4 years. And I thought to myself: past year I've been slacking, big time. I do sports all the time but my diet is not as good, I eat lots of sugar and I've had more "sitting all day working" days. I relaxed after years of no major problems. So keep in mind: your problems most likely come from months or years of you slowly harming yourself. Some internal organs don't work as well and you get toxins released through your pores. Embrace it, learn from it and change your lifestyle right now. I'm 29, still have occasional break-outs but less and less. So I try to keep in mind: I should adhere to the good lifestyle because soon due to age my acne won't indicate anything 3) All of the spiritual, yoga etc. stuff has basically become my physical routine since 2013 which I incorporated into my daily life. Yes I do the same routine I did but not every day. I do breathing exercises but not every day. I'm against people becoming obsessed with the spirituality of yoga while trying to cure acne because you are not thinking rationally. You think that now this will certainly fix you. No, just work methodically. 4) There are still odd things that would result in a out-of-nowhere cystic break out for me: seafood (not fish) and cashews. Don't really know why. Cashews just do. I avoid them. Other particular things people spread I would take with a grain of salt (no pun intended) unless they are scientifically proven (i mean candida, iodine, organic food etc.). Consult your doctor, don't exclude things that could harm your other organs. Keep your head cool. 5) Sex. Definitely keeps the hormonal changing waves calmer. I'm married for 2 years now and I definitely have small breakouts during some weeks (there is a regular pattern) when my libido goes through the roof. If you have sex regularly break outs may be minimal i.e. 2 whiteheads instead of 5 jawline cysts. Conclusion: Of course not all acne comes from what I've had, but if you try my approach (this updated one is less wishy-washy) you will eliminate some possible causes and then you can investigate more if the problem persists. Your health and mood will improve anyway so it's a win-win. If you didn't read the whole post and want to learn one thing it is this: "So keep in mind: your problems most likely come from months or years of you slowly harming yourself. Some internal organs don't work as well and you get toxins released through your pores. Embrace it, learn from it and change your lifestyle right now." I hope I helped younger people