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on 04/11/2011
I used undiluted 5% Acidity Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, applied with a cottonball all over face. I really liked the cooling feeling of the refrigerated vinegar. It dried quickly, too. I did not moisturize afterward. I had a big lump on my chin as well as several small bumps near my lips. The large bump's swelling went way down, and the gross uneven skin just fell off a few hours later! Now I can put makeup over it to cover the red mark. Very smooth! As for the smaller bumps, they have formed some skin on top, which is peeling off and revealing smoother skin there as well. Pretty awesome. I'll try only to use it for my monthly hormonal breakout so that it doesn't lose potency. I gave it 4 stars because it may be harder for others to use it without diluting. I have tough skin :)