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on 27/02/2012
I finally feel like I've found a good cleanser. It's gel based and you work it into a lather. My skin always feels clean afterwards. It also hasn't annoyed my eczema or broken me out. It's to soon to tell if it has improved my pimples but even if it doesn't I will continue to use. My skin already looks healthier. It's taken me months to find a cleanser that is truly pH balanced (aka 4-5.5) and my skin so far loves me for it!
on 24/02/2012
I LOVE tea tree oil <3 If I feel a pesky spot coming up I just dab some on and it takes the fight out of it. It doesn't seem to be too effective on the cysts I get sometimes though, but then, nothing is.<br/>The smell does kind of stink up your whole room, but I love the way it smells!<br/>All in all, it's a must have in my spot fighting arsenal.
on 24/02/2012
I bought this on ebay, to avoid getting charged on my bank account as others have reported. I thought since I had light/mild acne this would do just fine. Boy was I wrong. First of all it really hurt my skin. I broke out way worse than I ever have! I'm still dealing with the scars caused by this. Thinking it was just the IB (Inital Breakout|) I carried on until I had used up all the bottles. My skin was in a much worse state than it was to begin with so I haven't bothered to purchase again. It was red, covered with zits and just looked..raw. I switched to a more gentle cleanser and my skin is getting better everyday. Please, please, don't get taken in by the adverts! It's just not worth the risk!
on 24/02/2012
Whenever I feel a cyst or spot coming up, I just throw this on and it either gets rid of it, or shrinks it. I leave it on for as long as I can. You look a bit daft walking around with white stuff on your face so you can't really go out in public with it on :P<br/>It was more effective at blasting spots than the BP I had been using. Give it a go!
on 20/02/2012
I wear this for an hour every day then wash off with warm water. It makes my skin so soft and smooth that I no longer need to use moisturizer :) I use Steens Raw Manuka Honey +15 Active. It doesn't seem to do anything for my redness or clearing up any current spots or preventing them. But it does make my skin glow!