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on 12/10/2011
it works if you use it certain days but when you use it and you later rinse it off it leaves your skin so smooth and feels AWWWmazing but if you use cold water .
on 12/10/2011
i wouldn't use it again
on 12/10/2011
It works if you follow with the remaining steps of the 3 step systems and benzoyl peroxide specifically goes after acne and it kills is so i recommend to use it because if your patient and keep pushing it will pay off and use it every day because it s a routing that builds up to attack your bad skin
on 12/10/2011
It works if you have oily face like mine or shiny and if you don't have skin like that then is pointless using it. for me I mean it works it keeps your skin nice but after a while you kind of have to add more but it is pricey.But bottom line it does what it suppose to do.