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Great and cheap
on 14/10/2014
Read on it.<br/>its great and fixing my skin (in combination with AHA+), which I thought was unfixable.<br/>Moisturizing for the right reasons. High in alpha-linolenic and linolenic acid, which your skin needs and a deficit is linked with acne.<br/>Can be used as a cleanser and moisturizer. No clogging and can clears sebum filaments.<br/>Apply topically (it's also one of the best omega-3 / omega-6 supplements orally).<br/>WARNING: some may have a initial breakout and some may not respond well.
on 14/10/2014
Gets rid of most (85%) of my severe acne. Worth a try.
on 25/04/2012
Do NOT (ever) take more than you your doctor has described for you.<br/>Its NOT a long term solution. I would recommend anyone that has severe acne to go on roaccutane. Its not worth waiting a long time for you acne to disappear/ slow down. I waited 5 years, and I recommend everyone who has severe acne to just go on roaccutane.