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on 11/12/2011
This stuff is great. I've been battling acne for quite a while. All whiteheads, all noticeable bumps. After only a few days of using this stuff (applying am and pm) my skins texture was improved. After about a week and a half my fiance even noticed. Now, after about 3 weeks my active acne is less and less.
on 09/10/2011
It's not a miracle pill. It has greatly reduced the oiliness of my skin, which I love. I wore makeup for the first time in months a couple days ago and it was wonderful. It didn't melt off or look like I was all greased up.<br/>I still have breakouts that were there when I started but I expect that. It's not a cure for the old is a remedy for the new.<br/>I've worked in pharmacy for almost 8 years and it took me researching and trying many treatments to come across this. My derm kept insisting I go on accutane. After the last 3 appointments and consistently refusing I went to my regular doctor with research in hand. (It also has been studied for hirsutism, Insulin resistance and NAFLD [non-alcoholic fatty liver disease] all of which I have.) It's always good to be educated when wanting to try a new medication.