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Works very well but with smelly consequences...
on 03/01/2015
I tried this method of taking raw garlic internally. It was pretty tough to get down at first, I settled on juicing a few cloves, mixing with water and then throwing it back into my mouth quickly to avoid the burn. There was a definite improvement in my skin, a huge improvement actually, it seems that garlic has antibacterial properties due to its sulfur-containing compounds. Garlic may boost Glutathione levels as well. Its absolutely necessary to crush, juice or at least chop up the garlic before consuming. Swallowing cloves whole will not have any benefit. It also must be taken with a meal since too much raw garlic on an empty stomach will really burn and make you nauseous. The downside to all this, is that you will start to reek of garlic after a few days. Garlic juices will come out of your pores I swear to god. You'll only smell if you use alot, and I needed about 6 cloves a day. So ultimately I had to give up this method, though I could see someone taking just 1 clove a day as an adjunct to other acne treatments.
This system is a scam and a joke.
on 03/01/2015
Nothing about this product line is revolutionary or innovative in anyway. It is the basic benzoyl peroxide & salicylic acid combination that can be bought from any brand or store. Maybe this works for some, but for me it didn't prevent a single active acne spot from emerging, it only harshly scrubbed away at my skin leaving it more red than before. I think I may have scarred worse just from using Proactive. I have had much more success in lowering my sugar intake, eating more vegetables, exercising, and taking the supplements Vitamin B5, Vitamin A (retinol), L-Cysteine, Milk Thistle, Niacin and Selenium. Proactive only worsened my situation. This company needs to spend less money on advertisement and more money on researching the true causes (yes, plural) of acne i.e. low glutathione, excess estrogen, vitamin & mineral deficiences, thyroid imbalances, chronic internal inflammation. This company only cares about profiting off of the pubescent and the insecure. The actors in the their commercials have probably had one pimple in their life which was fixed by Proactive.
Best topical I have ever used
on 03/01/2015
I highly recommend using this as a topical. Many people may suggest using this internally for its benefits but I doubt it will have an effect on your skin that way. This is because it is high in Omega 6 fats which are inflammatory in EXCESS. Also the conversion rate of ALA to EPA & DHA (Omega 3 fats) in most people is really really low, around 4%. However, I have read that some people with acne have a specific, regional skin deficiency in Linoleic Acid (Omega 6 in hemp) but not an overall body deficiency if that makes sense. This won't "fix" or "cure" your acne completely however it brings down overall redness & visible inflammation and also reduces active acne in a relatively short period of time. This is the closest I have gotten to a "quick fix". Keritinization is a good word to know.
Won't work without L-Cysteine & Vitamin C
on 03/01/2015
Everytime I start taking B5 again, my acne worsens at first, that is until I add the the supplement L-Cysteine. Then it magically improves by 90%! L-Cysteine is an essential sulfur-containing amino acid which Vitamin B5 actually depletes. This is counterproductive towards fixing acne because Cysteine is the rate-limiting nutrient needed to produce Glutathione. Look up "low glutathione and acne" and start reading. Glutathione one of the body's master antioxidants and necessary for proper skin health. If anyone does not succeed at first, please try adding this supplement, they need to be taken together. It is important that L-cysteine is taken on an empty stomach because it competes for absorption with other amino acids (protein in foods). I take 750mg of B5 2x daily with at the minimum 3 grams of L-Cysteine. Also I recommend taking Vitamin C at the same time at L-cysteine, this also boosts glutathione and supports the Acetylation cycle, its great for your skin!
on 30/11/2012
I drank about two cups everyday for a while and to be honest, I'm not really sure if it helped. Overall it is very good for health and I highly recommend it. I suggest a high quality tea such as Matcha Republic of Tea. Do not get generic brands. Green tea may also have antiandrogen effects. And it has tons of antioxidants. This is something that everyone should drink everyday, without sugar of course. I bet if you replace all your soda intake with unsweetened brewed high quality green or white tea, your acne will improve a lot.
on 30/11/2012
I recommend to eat coconut oil daily. I believe that it is very healthy and helps alot of processes in the body. But when I took alot of it every day, I didn't notice a reduction in acne at all. But I definitely think it could help others with acne. This possibly helps with candida too.
on 30/11/2012
I'm not sure why, but this broke me out horribly. I am a male and I'm guessing that it is the phytoestrogens. I have noticed that this tends to help girls more than guys. Estrogen dominance may be a cause of acne for some people, so please be weary of this. Flax is also very high in omega 6's which is not so good and the conversion rate of ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) to DHA and EPA can be very low in most people. I think I saw a study showing it to range from .4% to 16%.