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on 09/09/2011
heres my sucess story-<br/>i have never had bad acne. I had been using proacitv on and off for a couple years. Proactiv does work for me (only had 1-2 small zits at a time while on it) but i wanted to get off it and use something natural. i decided to use Epsom salts. I dissolved half a teaspoon in a small cup of warm water, got a make-up remover pad and wiped my face morning and night with the solution. With regular exercise and a healthy diet and LOTS of water, i had NO zits. i repeat NO ZITS whatsoever for about 2 months. i was ontop of the world.<br/>i then went on a 3 week trip to see my bf who lives interstate. Chilling all the time, eating junk and no exercise made me break out like a bunch of ninjas. to be honest im slightly, if not moderately depressed. dont want to go to school or out with friends. i have been back for 7 weeks and tried alot of different products to try and clear myself up before i return to the salts. unfortunately im using proactiv again. i have just irritated my skin more with all the chemicals.<br/>but epsom salts saved my life, even if it was only for a couple months. there is no harm in trying whatsoever. would reccommend this to anyone.<br/>i would reccommend getting everything clear before using it though