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on 06/05/2013
In the past I have used this product every day for weeks, and in my opinion it is the best makeup for acne prone skin the drug stores have. It applies well,
on 21/05/2012
1) The most important thing you need to know before you try it is to buy the right kind.<br/>Only 100% virgin coconut oil.<br/>2) The consistency of the product depends on the temperature. I find that when I store it in a cool place it is white and semi-solid but melts easily. When it is hot or left in the sun it is a clear liquid.<br/>3) It comes in a jar which isn't very sanitary, and even though it is an antibacterial, as soon as I buy it I transfer it to a squeeze bottle I bought from Walmart.<br/>4) The only time I apply it to my face is after a shower when my skin is stil wet, otherwise it doesn't get absorbed and just sits there.<br/>5) I also use it in my hair as a substitute for conditioner, so when I have my bangs down I don't get acne on my forehead.<br/>6) It does remove makeup and is a little greasy so I only use it at night.<br/>7) Might stain bedding.<br/>8) Good substitute for tanning lotion<br/>9) Off topic a bit but it does help you lose weight when ingested internally.<br/>So guys, just try it. Everybody is different and you won't know until you do it yourself.