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Works Well - with patience
on 08/08/2013
I had been using BP (as part of The Regimen) for over a year, but decided to switch to Epiduo to try and reduce the amount of time I was taking to complete my skin regimen each day. Because my face was already adjusted to BP I didn't have any reactions to Epiduo, such as dry skin or redness but I did notice a little bit of redness on occasion in the creases next to my mouth. When this happened I just skipped one night's application and my skin was fine by the following day.<br/>In the first few months I had minor breakouts (about 1 - 2 pimples a week) but this slowly started to reduce. I became completely clear at around month 5 and have remained so for over a month now.<br/>If you have not used Epiduo before, its important to build up slowly, applying only every few days, then every second until you are applying every night and your skin is adjusted. Its also true that less is truly more. Only ever apply a pea size amount. This is plenty to apply all over your face. If you use more than this, it just adds unnecessary irritation without making it work better. It takes a few months before you see the full effects, so patience is paramount. Plus its also important to moisturise to keep your skin balanced.<br/>I really like this product - its quick to apply, its a once a day application and it works so long as you have the patience to get through the first few months.
on 24/01/2012
I'm a big fan of Dan's Regimen products. They have got me 100% free from acne for the first time in 20 years. No other topical treatment has worked for me and I still have to pinch myself to believe that I finally have acne free skin. I think that the AHA+ is an essential part to the regimen as this magical cream got my skin from clear to glowing.<br/>The Big Kit Plus pack is great if you are following the regimen exactly as per Dan's instructions. It provides good value for money (especially if you live overseas to reduce the costs of packaging) and it saves you having to keep ordering in replacement supplies as a lot of product is used in following the regimen.<br/>You may find that you use the different products at various rates, so for subsequent orders you may only need to order individual items. Obviously you would need to watch out for shipping costs if this is the case.<br/>I highly recommend that Big Kit Plus pack and all of Dan's products in general.