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on 18/05/2012
I love this stuff. For some reason my pimples never go away unless I pop them. If I don't pop them, they just stay there hard and red and ugly and I'm miserable. So I pop them. Then they look horrible, but I'm happy because I know I got the crap out. I sometimes hack my face off and sometimes I'm good and wait til they're ready. But either way, I put this stuff on them after and in the morning it looks soo much better. I had a HUGE zit on my forehead a few weeks ago and I tried to pop it and couldn't. So I just pissed it off and made it bigger. I put some of this on and the next morning it had a head and I was able to squeeze out the root. I used the cream again the next 2 nights and by the 3rd day it was the smallest little dot ever. I just popped 2 more and am using it right now!
on 22/01/2012
If you are on the regimen and can afford to go through a tube of this probably every few weeks, you might as well buy Dan's BP because in reality you're going to save so much money and it works so much better. Dan's BP is a gel, which goes on perfectly and invisibly. This stuff is a cream so you have to rush to apply it and even then it still dries and leaves white streaks. Then just when you think it's dry, you apply your moisturizer, only to find out it wasn't really dry because it's balling up and coming off again. Ugh! don't waste your money people.
on 15/09/2011
proactiv blows. don't waste your time or your money. it's almost impossible to cancel, and if you send the products back within the 60 day trial, they're going to tell you they never received it. i fought it and got my money back but it took about 3 months of work to get it. it destroyed my skin and took forever to heal. it deserves zero on the rating scale!