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on 02/01/2013
Very good when used at night, mixed with your normal product, but defiantly not for use during the day, it's too shiny.<br/>This helps a lot to prevent my skin from being dry! highly recommended!
on 02/01/2013
It's good for the nature people, but to be honest, it doesn't work, I used this before I started the regimen, it did reduce redness and slightly help with my acne, but it defiantly didn't get rid of it
on 07/06/2012
For me, all it does it reduce redness, it's very hard to wash off, without actually scrubbing your skin sometimes, it's really not the best for acne prone skin and I don't recommend it, however, if you need to reduce an inflamed spot, It's an okay choice, it will work to reduce the redness, just, it wont cure the spot, and you cant go out with it on.
on 20/02/2012
There's no other way for me to put it, it's just an irritating cleanser, It might work for some people, but I wouldn't recommend it for regimen users.
on 20/02/2012
It's good for small spots and blemishes if thats all you get, but apart from that it isn't really effective for general acne, the odd spot yeah, it may work for you, it worked for me when I used to get a spot or 2, but when I actually got 'acne' it just didnt work.<br/>At one point I was clear and had an event to go to the next day, I broke out a day before with large spots, around my T zone, mainly cheeks, tea tree oil didn't do anything and I applied a generous amount of it for 2 days.
on 20/02/2012
I used fresh lemon juice from organic lemons on my skin a few times every night before starting the regimen, and it reduced the redness of my acne but didn't actually cure it/get rid of it, if you apply a lot of it without diluting it, it stings like HELL!<br/>Sometimes I got away without diluting it but using less of it.<br/>I juiced half a lemon into a bowl and used cotton pads to apply, dabbing it over my skin, I wouldn't really recommend this other other things although it's worth a try if your not interested in doing the regimen.
on 21/01/2012
Jojoba oil to me is like, something I can put on my skin that will not break me out, and will always mousturize my skin, it's like a back up cure all dryness oil.<br/>It makes the mousterizer sink into my skin better and not being so 'yellow'
on 23/10/2011
I would recommend 100% buying dans products, including the cleanser, BP 2.5%, and moisturiser as they are working perfectly for my skin, and my skin is clearing up, this stuff is working very well, although it causes slight itching on the skin, this is to be expected and is part of the treatment process<br/>I payed 80$, which is about £60, because I had to pay large shipping costs, and custom fees, the product itself is very cheap other wise.