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on 30/10/2011
Make sure you're using aloe in it's purest form. It does wonders for digestion if you drink 100% aloe juice (some people complain about the taste, but it heals inflamed digestive tracts which are a main contributor of acne). While it's not a good idea to pick or pull at your face, aloe vera is a very cooling option if you still do this.<br/>Very good product to put your mind and skin at ease when everything feels hot and bothered.
on 19/09/2011
I've made some dietary changes to help clear up my skin (see Health & Holistic forum) but I also had been looking for a cleanser for mild exfoliating in addition to acv, jojoba, and moisturizing. My friend's skin used to be as broken out as mine but I used her bottle of this and liked how my face felt after so I bought my own bottle the next day. I think it might be my new diet but this product has been helping a lot!
on 29/08/2011
My health insurance covered it when I used it, all it did was make the fluids in my blemishes yellow. I got frustrated with the recurring yeast infections it gave me and stopped taking it. Maybe if I had taken live cultures/more yogurt my body would have adapted better but having acne and constant yeast infections just didn't seem worth my time.