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on 21/11/2012
Definitely works. A friend of mine has been using it for awhile and I've noticed his skin getting clearer and he is pretty much completely clear now. I gave it a shot and after only using it for a week I already see results. It is drying (which is why I gave 4 stars and not 5), but not nearly as drying as the acne.org regimen if you are comparing to that. Will need to moisturize after each use, but this stuff works. I am now a big fan of Oxy. Wish I would have tried it sooner. It is the only brand available OTC that I hadn't tried I think. I definitely recommend this to anyone. You won't even need a spot treatment bp or SA if you use this wash so it saves you time as well. Not sure how it works for cysts and severe acne, but if you have light to moderate acne it should work well for you.
on 30/10/2012
i would recommend this to anyone who simply doesnt like using BP because of all of its downsides (dry/flaky skin, bleaching fabrics, length of time it takes to apply, etc.). This is a good product that is very quick and easy to use after cleansing and before moisturizing. i have mild acne and it works great for keeping my face pretty clear. Only real downside is that i dont think it would really work if you have severe acne (cysts and lots of pustules/papules). I randomly got one cyst right before i started using this product and it just doesnt seem to do anything for it at all. i eventually had to resort to popping the cyst and now it just is taking forever to fully heal (like cysts generally do if popped). I would definitely recommend this for anyone with mild-moderate acne. much better than using BP in my opinion. overall a good product but you need to use a gentle cleanser to clean your face before applying, and moisturizer is a must afterwards because of dryness.
on 29/01/2012
Overall, I love it. Best moisturizer I have used, and I've used many. The yellow tint and smell are the only real downsides. It makes me a little greasy looking but not bad at all and better than most moisturizers. Gets rid of ALL my dryness. I only use jojoba at night for extra moisturizer and it is perfect without it as well. With jojoba be prepared to be very shiny because it already has some jojoba in it. Definitely will be using this from now on. It is awesome.
on 02/01/2012
Amazing moisturizer while on the regimen, but... Only use it at night. It leaves you looking very greasy. I use this at night and a different lighter, but not as good, moisturizer during the day that doesn't make me greasy looking. Using it just at night is still better than not using this moisturizer. It is seriously the best around at getting rid of dryness and flakes. Use it at night only and it will help for less flakes during the day too.
on 30/12/2011
Great razor. Best I've used. Closer shave than a 2 blade, and more comfortable, without any irritation that other 3/4/5 blade razors cause.
on 30/12/2011
Overall is is a great cleanser. Gets the job done and leaves skin feeling clean, but also a little bit dry and tight. Use lots of moisturizer and you are good to go. Best cleanser I have ever used, and I've tried a ton!
on 19/12/2011
Best bp ever. Not a cream so it is way easy to apply and it absorbs into your skin very well. It is clear and does not have a scent. Doesn't leave white residue. Works just as well if not better than any other bp that is 10% but is way less drying. No joke, this is the best bp available. And the huge bottle is awesome.
on 25/08/2011
Ivused this for a long time because as I said in the cons, you THINK it's working... It isn't! The menthol in it makes your face feel cold and tingly so you feel like it is clean, but really it hasn't done much if anything. It is a cream so is hard to work into the skin. I don't know how I let myself get tricked into thinking this stuff worked for so long. You may get some initial improvement but that will probably just be because it is something new. Lame product overall. Probably great for people without acne though.
on 23/08/2011
Overall works great! I love it and think the salicylic acid really helps to make skin soft and remove dead cells to prevent future acne, especially when used with the bp. Make sure to get it all absorbed though. Also, the combo of bp and salicylic acid can affect everyone differently, for me it works great and does not over dry (cleansers are what dry my skin out) but for others it is very irritating and burns, so be warned that you may experience that because this moisturizer has salicylic acid in it. Try it out though! It may work great for you as it does for me!
on 23/08/2011
Overall it works as good as any bp treatment. It is a gel which is nice, but only the 10% is widely available so I haven't been able to try the lower ones. Definitely does what it is suppose to do, just keep using it and remember, just because you keep getting some zits doesn't mean it isn't working. It will DEFINITELY reduce what you currently have if used as a spot treatment at first and help prevent new acne from forming if used consistently with the regimen as suggested.