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on 10/12/2012
This product line is just the same as every other regimen, but instead it has no fragances or irritators, except the alcohol. I have read too much information after all these years and am disappointed to see, that this line isn't different from all the others - it makes your skin "totally" free from all the bacteria (good too), and just after half a year of using you would start break out again, but worse, because alcohol has destroyed your skin natural fauna. I don't want this (I suffered a lot in my past) and I won't even try this again. Just don't want to destroy my skin more.<br/>Neverthless, I liked the cream, because it's oil free and cleanser, because it doesn't have lathering agents.
on 18/09/2011
This product is magic.<br/>Well, almost. I am using this product about a month and biggest difference was after first night - lighter skin, smaller or dissapeared pimples, But after more than a day differences are very very small. My face is still spotted, but it really is different than how it was in the summer. My doctor prescribed this for me and I need to use it for two months. I can say that for my acne (forehead, cheeks, chin) I finished one bottle after half a month. Other thing that most of people don't like - that it dries skin very much, but it's likely for products which active ingredient is Benzoylperoxide (5%). My skin feels better. Really. The one thing what I fear most is that this product wouldn't help me later, because I see that spots don't dissapear very fast like at first. But it heals cysts very fast, and I didn't get them at all.