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on 19/09/2011
I just wanted something simple to not overload my skin with chemicals. This was very good, but it definitely left a "squeaky clean" feeling. I am usually not picking about that stuff, but I know some people don't like that. However, you HAVE to use a moisturizer with this. No doubt. This IS soap, anyway, and will dry out your skin. I didn't realize how--average, I guess--this was until I switched to the Basis Vitamin Bar. That is excellent! It hydrates the skin and makes it so smooth :) I like this, but the vitamin bar is amazing.
on 11/09/2011
I bought this because I had really bad KP on my legs, or severely dry skin bumps. They got really red and started spreading...they started to look like mild psoriasis or something. NO moisturizers/lotions worked until I decided to get this. About a week or two on this and so much difference! It reduced the amount of bumps and the redness. However, my legs are not super hydrated or anything--less bumpy, but still a little dry. I guess I'll just give it time. Anyway, this has AHA in it, which I heard works wonders for the face, so I decided to try it. It actually works really well! So far, so good. My skin feels smoother (which I love!) and it is non-greasy. I think it's also helped my acne and acne scars. I notice they go away faster. For a little background on my skin, I have an oily T zone, dry cheeks, and am pretty sensitive. This dried my T zone (just enough) and hydrating my cheeks. It balanced out my skin and made it even. Also, it didn't irritate it. Yay!! For a few seconds, though, it does sting, but it doesn't last long. A few tips... 1. Don't put this on while your face is still wet. I heard if you moisturize when your skin is wet, it helps retain the water, but I found this is more effective when my face is dried off after washing. Really rub it in, too, so it doesn't just stay on the surface. 2. BUY THIS AT COSTCO. I got this at a drugstore, $17 for 7oz. Costco has it $16 for 17 oz. I really wish I did that haha. All in all, I really like this :)
on 30/08/2011
I got NOW Foods Organic Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil as a moisturizer. I'd been using aloe before. It worked well, but it wasn't really moisturizing, so I decided to combine a little aloe with coconut oil. I was extremely nervous about putting oil on my face, so just used a little. It made my face pretty smooth, but I noticed a few clogged pores after a while. Maybe those were just deep ones that had been brought to the surface, because I know it does that, but I didn't want to take a chance. I stopped putting it on my skin, but I do still put some (probably about a tablespoon) on whole grain toast every day. Tastes great!! I smells like coconut, but it actually doesn't have a strong flavor. If you're thinking about taking this internally but don't like the coconutty flavor, this is a good one. My skin has been pretty under control with this as a supplement. I really like this stuff :)
on 26/08/2011
I take 1 gram of this along with 400IU of Vitamin E. If you are trying this, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEEEASE don't megadose!! Sometimes people think it will only work if you take it in crazy amounts, and everything will be OK because you can just pee it out. NOT THE CASE. It's not good for your stomach and can cause toxicity that can give you PERMANENT hair loss and dry skin. Everything is good until taken in excess. Don't take any more than 1 gram per day. It will help your skin, but don't expect it to be the natural Accutane or anything. It helps but doesn't cure. Give it a try, though :)