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    Acne has broken me down but i am hopefully that one day things will get better.


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Huge let down
on 21/04/2015
I have been on Differin .03% for four months and 2 days and today I am experiencing one of the worst breakouts to date. I had seen improvement but nothing consistent. Looking at my face today, one would never guess I was taking care of my skin. My entire right side mouth/jaw/chin area has several inflamed pus filled acne that is hard to the touch. It looks disgusting. I choose not to wear makeup so everything is out there for the world to see. I usually go through a breakout and then a clear up cycle but I can't foresee this getting any better. The pros I suppose is that Differin is the gentlest retinoid of the lot and will last you forever. I recommend people give it 3-6 months before throwing in the towel just so that they can mark it off their list if it doesn't work. I am going to stick it out until the 6 month mark and will update if my review changes.<br/>Hopefully this will not discourage anyone from trying this as different people react differently to different retinoids.
Not worth the money
on 09/07/2014
I was at first very excited to try this as it seemed to contain many things good for acne. After several months and several bottles, it did nothing to curb or improve my acne. You may be better off just buying and taking individual supplements or better yet, getting your food from natural food sources whenever possible.
on 16/08/2012
So i tried this in summer 2011 for my acne and i was sure to drink multiple cups a day for a few weeks. Outcome - did nada for my acne. Green tea is supposed to be good for your body none the less but don't bank on it to 'cure' or 'control' your acne.<br/>Also tried this as a topical and it irritated my skin beyond belief.
on 08/08/2012
While this may work for others, after four months of continued use, it never worked for me. I just kept on breaking out and it never stopped. I would clear up in one area and breakout in another area. There was a point in week 10 when i had 1 pimple and thought 'yes, its finally working!' but Alas, it was an illusion.<br/>At the end of the day i was left with:<br/>uneven skin tone<br/>multiple acne lesions<br/>excessive dryness and flaking<br/>The only positives i can say about this medication is that my skin texture on non-acne area was smooth.
on 05/02/2012
This was work for some people but in my experience, it didn't work for me. My acne was mild to start with and i ended up getting multiple inflamed pimples that don't have pus, are red and show up on known breakout areas (chin) but also unknown areas (such as cheeks which are normally clear). Very disappointed in the time and effort i was on this product.