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  2. I am sorry that you feel that way. People come and go from the site and weekends are usually a time when people spend with friends and families so therefore less traffic here. You're a relatively new member so it will take time for people on here to get to know you. Don't take it personally.
  3. You seemed to have switch from product to product in a relatively short period of time which skin doesn't like. Choose one medication and stick with it for 3 months. Keep in mind to be gentle with your skin. How old are you? Knowing this cold help us figure out if this is possible hormonal or other causes. What's your diet and health like?
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    Looks like contact dermatitis. Simply wash your face with plain water or non medicated face wash (the stuff for babies can help too). Also, moisturize. It will eventually go away. If not you can go to a pharmacy and get some cream to speed things up. Try to stay away from steroid based ones like hydrocortizone.
  5. Please list everything that you have tired and or how long. This will give you a chance of getting more tailored responses. What is your diet like? activity level? Stress? Rarely is acne just caused by one factor. I feel your frustration as an adult going through it. Keep positive and never give up.
  6. Hun, my number one piece of advice is keep on keeping on. No matter the medication, it is ultimately a matter of trial and error and loads of patience. I'm coming to you as a 34 year old with persistent acne since age 15 and someone who has done accutane three times. I am currently on 2.5 years of spiro at 150 mg and it is not cutting it anymore. It took me over a year to begin to see some consistency too. I just started with a naturopath who is willing to treat me in conjunction with spiro for a bit so hopefully i can begin to see some improvement and hopefully begin to ween off. You are not alone in this struggle....trust me. In terms of diet, you could also try reducing or eliminating gluten and adding in fish as well. Also, check to see that you are going to the bathroom regularly as a back up can be bad for overall health and skin. If you ever want to talk, feel free to send a message to my inbox. Hugs from NJ
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  8. This September will be three years on spiro. I'm still on it but it is not working as it used to. I break out several times a week (not always bad but a breakout is a breakout). I think i have other issues besides high testosterone that affect my acne which is why spiro has not completely cleared me. Good luck with the diet
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    Definitely stay away from the antibiotics. It can take months for skin to rebalance so keep at it. Also, even though you are vegan, make sure that you are eating as healthy as possible with minimal processed foods. Stress reduction and exercise is important too. One note i will make about natural products and remedies in general is that synthetic is not always bad. Some people chuck the baby with the bath water. There is nothing wrong with approaching acne on both a natural and medicinal front. The emphasis should be on natural but it topicals can move you along, why not use it. Keep us posted!
  10. Hi. I've been there and in all honesty, i'm still there. The thing with acne is that it will respond to different things for different people. Medication wise, you could try: spironolactone. It is used off brand for hormonal acne and some women have found tremendous results from it. It helped me a lot with my acne in the past. Dermatologically, you can try topicals such as: retin a atralin tazorac Diet wise, there are many options. Keep in mind what works for someone may not work for you so give each change 3 months paleo (which cuts out dairy and ALL grains) vegan (whole food vegan not junk food vegan) going dairy and gluten free Whatever diet you choose, stay away from processed foods, up your veggie and fruit intake, drink water like it is going out of style and exercise/destress. Hope this was useful.
  11. I am so sorry you and your son are going through this. Accutane, while it works, has to push everything to the surface so bad skin preceeds the clearing. It takes a while to see results but they will come. I agree with one of the above posters that it is worth looking into diet /lifestyle changes as such as accutane, while it helps, is not 100% for all people. Many of us relapse at some point. Tell your son to stay positive, treat his body and skin well and know that acne does not have to define him by any means.
  12. Are you taking this under the care of a dermatologist or are you self dosing? Some people clear early in treatment while others clear towards the end or after. Everyones experience is different so i can't say for sure when you will start clearing up. Accutane does not prevent scarring as your skin is in fact MORE sensitive on this drug. There are procedures you can do after under the care of a dermatologist to help minimize these scars once acne has ceased and your skin has become less sensitive.
  13. Firstly, I recommend you stop trying so many products at one time. This can lead to skin freaking out. Pick one and stick to it for a a few months. Secondly, your breakouts do not look as noticeable (at least on camera) so this may pass without treatment. Think back to see if there have been any changes, even subtle ones in your diet and/or lifestyle. Have you been stressed more? Eating new foods? Environmental changes? Hormonal changes? Medicine changes (ex: birth control)? This change in your skin could be as a result of many things so try not to jump to conclusions and start over treating turning a small problem into a bigger one. I know how frustrating it can be to see your skin change but hang in there.
  14. Hello. I know how it feels to be trying so many different things and not have them pay off. It's frustration to say the least. Can you go into more details in regards to your naturopathic treatments diet and supplement wise? If you have not seen a derm, it may be a good time to make an appointment as they are usually the next step if over the counter topicals fail. Sometimes with skin, there has to be a combination of things taking place for acne to clear up so keep at it. Good luck!
  15. Need kind words.

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    I'm sympathize with what you are going through. The thing with acne is that some people are more genetically predisposed to getting it so even though your friend may eat like crap and never wash their face, if they do are not predisposed to acne, it may never affect them. With this in mind, try diet changes keeping in mind that your body is unique to you and that what affects or does not affect others, may or may not have an impact on you. Some things suggested include dropping dairy and gluten and eating a whole food diet which include lots of water, veggies and fruits as well as high quality fish and meats. Give it 3-6 months. it may not be the answer for your skin but at the very least, you can cross it of your skin. All the best
  16. Hey everyone. I have been on spiro for almost three years and sadly, it is not working anymore, even at 150 mg. My acne is reverting back to how it was pre spiro. How do i ween off without potentially shocking my system and making my acne worse than it already is? Thank you! Any and all advice is appreciated. I go see a naturopath at the end of February for some guidance on my next steps
  17. Worst Breakout So Far

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    oil cleansing is not for everyone. i would definitely stick to your old routine and give it a few weeks to a few months. So sorry you are going through this. Also, sometimes the body does not process too many changes at once and you have made plenty. Maybe try changes one at a time, a few weeks a part to give your body time to adjust.
  18. Stay strong. I have an appointment set for a naturopath for the end of February as i have come to the end of the road in terms of what a derm can prescribe (spiro was my last resort unfortunately). It's disheartening but what can you do. I recommend taking pictures weekly to remind you of the progress made when times get bad. Keep us posted.
  19. Judge my acne and help me!

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    You and I have acne around the same area. It could mean that it is hormonal. It looks mild. I second not doing any other procedure as your skin seems sensitive (do you have rosacea?). If its hormonal, you may have to deal with it internally as topicals don't usually address hormonal issues well. Your acne defintiely does not look bad or detract from your face.
  20. Personally, I am very wary of these type of tests. I think that saliva and to a lesser extent, blood test may be more useful. It can take 3 months to begin seeing changes where diet is concern. Don't get discouraged. Paleo is a good start.
  21. Done with Differin

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    I'm sorry that you are struggling like this. The unfortunate part of retinoids is that the purge can continue up to 3 months so unless you continue to that time, you won't knwo if it would have worked for you. Good luck with your next steps.
  22. The pictures do not show any acne or imperfection that is noticeable. Since you were on accutane, it may be best to stick to a simple routine. Why risk bringing back acne because of enlarged pores.
  23. Hey. Taking accutane is definitely a personal decision. I have been on it 3 times and still am struggling with my skin. For others, it significantly helps them long term. Do your research as side effects are real. Just because some people get by with minor issues, it does not mean you may also. Definitely look into diet changes so at least you can check that off your list. I know how frustrating it can be to be an adult with acne. Hang in there hun.
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    Good for you! Many times, finding what cause your acne is more than just changing 1 or 2 things. I believe this is the case for me. I'm finally addressing things on the diet front but still getting acne so i hope to soon see a naturopath to help me get my other ducks in a row. Thanks for sharing!
  25. I tried accupuncture for a few months back in 2015. On the stress front, it helped a lot. Acnewise, it did nothing. I don't think it made things worse but it definitely did not help at all. I think like with everything, it depends on what the main driving force of your acne. Now finding that out can be a challenge.
  26. Good luck. I've also had several logs on this site and still dealing with acne too. I have been on 150 mg of spiro for 2 years and sadly, it has stopped working as well or something else is contributing to the lessoning of its effectiveness. If your main issue with acne stems from hormonal stuff, then skincare is only going to be marginally effective. Keep in mind that spiro takes a long time to work so don't get discouraged if you are still breaking out, sometimes even worse, after 3 months. It took over a year for me to begin to see some consistency. Hope you keep this log updated and praying for positive changes for you.
  27. If you decide to quit accutane. Keep in mind that you may need to make other changes to get rid of acne besides skin care. Are you willing to address diet, stress levels, exercise and such? If not, your skin may go back to its previous state. Quitting has to be a personal decision.
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