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    Acne has broken me down but i am hopefully that one day things will get better.


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  1. Should I quit accutane?

    If you decide to quit accutane. Keep in mind that you may need to make other changes to get rid of acne besides skin care. Are you willing to address diet, stress levels, exercise and such? If not, your skin may go back to its previous state. Quitting has to be a personal decision.
  2. long time later

    I agree with the above comment. Consistency is key. Some people can slack and be ok but other's can't. Try to get back to the old routine to see if you see changes
  3. Month 3 - Week 3 Doctor's Appt. Update

    The first few months on accutane are the hardest both physically and emotionally. Many people don't begin to clear till later in their course and a few won't clear up will after. Keep positive and stay strong
  4. Frustrated. Every time some healing occurs, i get 2-3 new spots. This week especially was very frustrating as i developed 7 inflamed pimples on my lip.
  5. It went ok. She’s an amazing woman. She increased my dose of spiro and wants me to incorporate exercise and continue working on my diet. I have a follow up in 3months. It’s definitely discouraging but I’m trying my best to see the upside of life.
  6. It's definitely time for a diet change. If this is a pattern for you, it may be time to talk to a nutritionist as there are more challenging things than acne like diabetes. Hopefully you've been able to reign things in.
  7. Congrats on the upcoming wedding. Antibiotics are not that great in treating acne. Have you ever tried a retinoid? Acne can be a long process so be prepared for it to take more than eight months to get where you want to be. You may also want to look into diet changes just to cover all your bases. Dairy, gluten and processed foods can be a trigger for some.
  8. Like the above poster said, it could be your body going through changes. Give it 3 months and see if things calm down. Retinoids also purge the skin so that is something to consider. There is also the possibility that you are eating something that does not agree with you. Remember that not all healthy food is healthy for you. Keep at it. FYI, i can relate to multiple courses of accutane. I've done 3
  9. How long to see affects of Vitamin D3

    Give it 3 month minimum. Also, keep in mind that for many people, acne is helped by more than one thing.
  10. My skin is as bad today as it was the first day of spiro and I just can’t. I’m utterly gutted as I feel that there is no where to turn. Two years of my life on this and all for naught. I’m starting to eat better because I know my body needs it. I see my derm on January 5th so will see what she suggests. I’m honestly considering accutane as a viable option at this point.
  11. Accutane: Initial Breakout

    You can't prevent the pimples and you don't want to. Accutane literally pushes everything up and out which is what you want. It honestly sucks big time but it is a part of the process. You can aks your derm for antibiotics. There is also the option of getting injections from your derm in the worst cysts. Icing can also help to bring down the inflammation.
  12. is it worth it...why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

    If you've literally tried everything then it is worth a shot. Accutane is a long process that starts even before you start taking it. Word of advice from a three time accutane user, take care of your body while on it which means: no drinking healthy eating (up veggie intake and reduce or eliminate processed stuff) Good luck - i definitely know how frustrating it can be.
  13. Painful chin acne

    Any updates? If the main cause of your acne is not over manipulation of the skin or products, then the do nothing method will literally do nothing. It could be internal for sure. Dealing with that now despite being on Spiro.
  14. Turmeric, Yay or Nay?

    Many times, acne has multiple factors so if you are only doing a tumeric mask, it may not be enough. If you pair the mask with other things like diet, exercise, stress reduction, you stand a better chance of having it work.
  15. Great suggestions. It's a decent start for anyone looking to make changes and they are simple steps. I would recommend people incorporate 1-2 changes at a time and develop them as habits before adding more. Trying to incorporate too many things at once can be overwhelming and can cause more stress.
  16. Currently trapped in house, help!

    Ice can help with the swelling and some neosporin. I've been picking too when there is pus and now i have red marks that look like active acne. My pimples are also coming up in the same areas repeatedly. Ibprufen can help with inflammation and benadryl for welts if its an allergic reaction. Stay Strong
  17. Spiro - stopped working.

    Hi Gue. I’m stumped too. It seems to just quit since the weather changed and now in addition to the plentiful acne around my mouth, I am breaking out on my cheeks and forehead which is not the norm. Did anyone find a solution yet?
  18. My skin is freaking out and I have acquired a face full of red bumps over the last few days. Despite being on spiro, my skin has been up and down and over the last week or so it’s just been down. Does this mean it is time to look for another option. I cried today over my skin and it was the first time in a long time. So frustrated
  19. Sad...... holidays are hard regardless and realizing that I’m heading into another new year with the same old issue is frustrating and makes me feel sad. Feeling hopeless......
  20. Hang in there. I think all of us on the site feel this way some of the time. It's frustrating dealing with something you sometimes have little control over. Just know that many on here at least know how you feel and we're right there in the struggle with you.
  21. You're saying what many of us acne sufferers feel. It sucks to be dealing with this and it's made worse once you leave the teenage years and enter into adulthood (i'm 34 myself and still dealing with it). In regard to mentally coping, i find that it's best to acknowledge your frustrations and sadness but to do so in the framework of facts vs opinions. In other words, be very mindful of what you tell yourself. Its ok to say "I have acne, it makes me feel uncomfortable and i don't like it." It's however unproductive and somewhat destructive to say, "My acne makes me ugly. I'll never be able to ........Nobody will ever love me." That negative self talk can have us believing that that is fact when in fact it is not. I've been on and off acne meds since i was 16 and i am still struggling. All i can say is hang in there. Do what you are able to, go into treatments with little to no expectations and every time you feel like hiding, get up and go anyway It may not have an impact on your acne but it'll allow you to develop a mindset that you can get through everything even while you are struggling.
  22. Skin is looking good! Great pictures. Thanks for keeping up with your log.
  23. I had my acne come back after all three courses over the years. It’s not a cure for many. I think it just buys time until you grow out of it or find out what is causing your specific type of acne.
  24. Hurts today

    Bella cat, you’re not alone. I have tried multiple rounds of accutane, birth control, every topical on the market and spiro (which I am currently on going on two years). Acne is better but still not gone. I’ve also done diet and holistic route. I don’t have the answer but just wanted you to know I’m there with you. Feel free to pm.
  25. Female 19yo with acne only on right side

    Definitely looks hormonal. Birth control is notorious for acne. It won’t be an easy journey but it’s definitely worth seeing a derm who can address your issues with hormonal meds and topicals