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  2. I'm not sure why your derm would increase your dosage if you were having steady progress.  Does your skin feel really irritated?  If so, it may be time to discuss going back the previous dosage that was working for you.  Sometimes a treatment can take a long time to completely clear acne .  I'm sorry that you're dealing with this.  Just hang on.  

  3. Hey.  It definitely takes time for aldactone to kick in.  Time as in months, not weeks or days.  My period was wonky when i first started.  I also broke out on my back which never happened before.   Hang in there and give it time.  Chinese medicine may work for you.  It was one thing i tried prior and it was not for me but many people find relief with it.

    Hang in there!

  4. Last Month
  5. Never a good idea.  I was one of the unfortunate people that after a month on accutane, my liver enzymes were really high and my blood sugar had sky rocketed.  Though the blood tests and doctors visits are expensive and time consuming, it is better to be safe than to take a risk that can do some permanent damage.  

  6. Awesome progress.  For me, paleo did nothing at all but i believe that as a female, i may have other hormonal stuff going on that simple diet is not able to fix.  

  7. AHA is an exfoliant so it does bring acne to the surface.  Give it a while to go through the purge/adjustment period.  

  8. Which product? If you're taking about acne meds (oral or topical), your acne has a high chance of returning.  With me, when i stopped BP, my skin exploded.  This does not happen to everyone though.  I think it all depends on what is the primary driving force causing your acne.  

  9. I get similar pimples.  BC may help but keep in mind that it shifts hormones and while that can help in the short term, eventually, you'll have to get off of it.  I agree with the above poster that it may be worth looking into your diet and lifestyle (at least to cover your bases).

    Keep us posted on how everything works out!

  10. I feel your pain.  I'm 34 and been dealing with acne on and off since 16

    Spiro takes a while to kick in so i would recommend giving it 6 months before chucking it.  Also, as someone suggested, look into diet.  Sports drinks whether sugar or sugar free are crap.  How much sugar are you eating daily?  Do you consume lots of dairy and gluten?  Do you exercise?  How about your stress level?  

    Diet is not always the cause but i healthy diet and lifestyle can be the key for many people.

    Good Luck!

  11. The maximum dose for acne that i have heard of is 200.    My periods got wonky too whenever i adjusted my dosage.  Birth Control is garbage so it's probably best to not go back on it.  

    Good luck on your journey.  I'm in a similar boat where spiro is not working anymore.  I'm currently working with a naturopath trying to find gentler alternatives (it hasn't produced results yet but we'll see)

  12. Could definitely be an allergic reaction to not only something that you put on your skin but also something you ate or chemicals around you.  My skin gets like that too where it will go from minimal acne to huge flairs seemingly over night.  Definitely don't rush to try a whole bunch of new skin care stuff as that can make things worst.  Think back to the days leading up to the breakout and any changes you may have made.  

  13. i experienced the same thing with spiro.  It took forever to start working and when it did, it only lasted for a few months then stopped working.  I never did use it with BC.  Some people do need to do both spiro and BC to get it to work  - not sure why.  Any particular reason you stopped Yaz?

  14. On 5/12/2018 at 7:40 AM, MrBakery said:

     you're probably a lot more knowledgeable on the problem of acne, than me  but   would you say allergies could be playing up with your immune system?

      there seems to be some research online Into a link  between the  immune system and acne.


    I wouldn't be surprised if there was indeed some link.  I started taking the supplement Quercetin per my naturopath and i'm feeling a bit better.  It's been less than a week so i'll probably be able to report back something in a month or so.  
    On 5/13/2018 at 12:46 AM, Sirius Lee said:

    Stress is the numero uno on the list of baddies that trigger inflammation. This is because stress hormones will  release histamine (major culprit of seasonal allergies) that, in turn, will most likely irritate the skin. Gut bacteria imbalance tends to be the biggest trigger of stress, so I suggest you start taking probiotics to strengthen your gut health.
    I have been on the probiotic train for years (different strains, brands) and it did nothing for my skin.  I agree though that stress is a big factor and that is one of the hardest things for me to control - stress and sleep to be exact.  
  15. 4 Weeks Dairy Free

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    Skin looks better.  I definitely see improvement, even from the previous week.

  16. More Than a Month
  17. I'm so sorry that you are going through this.  It honestly sucks BUT you will get through this.  Keep reminding yourself that acne is not you.  It's a condition that you're dealing with but it is not a reflection of who you are as a person.

    Keep your head up.  It may help to talk to a friend or a college counselor about how you are feeling.  There is also the boards where most of us are dealing with this.

  18. Day 7 on Spiro 25mg

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    Hi!  My initial breakout was pretty bad and believe it or not, it took over a year for me to see some consistent improvement (thats not the norm though).  Your dosage is low and you may have another initial breakout every time you increase.  Keep in mind, Spiro is a marathon so results will take time.  I have an active log of my spiro journey on the website Realself so if you would like a link, please message me.

    Keep strong.  

  19. 3 Weeks Dairy Free

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    Keep at it with the dairy.  It can take 3 months of consistent change for your skin to show improvement.  I am also trying to lower my sugar intake and i get that it is hard (Acne sometimes takes the pleasure out of the small stuff).  The fact that you notice some improvement (even if its just texture) should give you encouragement.

  20. Is there any correlation to seasonal allergies and acne?  I ask because i am noticing that as my allergies are getting worse (damn pollen), my skin also seems to be getting more inflamed and micro pimples.  Could be a coincidence as i am breaking out every day but i'm not so sure.  Any suggestions for the allergies?

  21. Fun fact about the pill.  Sometimes the post pill breakout happend MONTHS after stopping so that couldn possibly be your issue.   As someone suggested, you may need to introduce some Salicylic Acid to help with those closed comedones.  If it is a hormonal issue, it may also help to note any symptoms you have (ex: are periods regular?  is there a pattern to the worsening of your acne?)

    It also is worth looking at your diet and lifestyle.  

  22. Definitely stop everything and go back to the products you were using before the experimentation.  Your skin may not clear up right away but give it time.  When everything goes back to normal, introduce one new product at a time and give it a few weeks (not days) to see how your skin will react.  If everything is ok, you can introduce more.  

  23. Since this is all very new for you, i would recommend seeing a derm to get a proper evaluation.  Skin care as an adult is much different than skin care as a teenager. I'm sorry that you are going through this.  I agree with the above poster that since happened post surgery, something may have triggered it.  Eat well, stress less and check back in with us to let us know how it is going.  

  24. The fact that your acne cleared with BC and that your period is so out of whack is warning sign that your acne is very much hormonal related.  Have you been to an OBGYN to get that checked out?  Taking random supplements may not help your particular situation, especially if you are not sure what is the driving force to YOUR acne.  I'm not sure what the wait time on NHS is, but go see a gyno or at the very least, your family doctor to discuss the period thing further.

    Hang in there girl!

  25. Did you have acne prior to going on the pill?  Did that help clear it up of you did?  Sometimes your body does not go back to baseline when you get off the pill.  BC can mess with the different components and swing things in one direction or the other.

  26. No Dairy Week 2

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    I'm sorry to hear about your mum.  It can't be easy to lose a parent.  Stress is probably contributing to your skin but remember that 1 week is little to no time so you have to at least give it 3 months minimum to properly evaluate if these changes are helping your skin.  Take pictures once a week to help you evaluate your process.

    Dairy and sugar sometimes goes hand in hand so it's something to keep in mind

    Keep your head up

  27. Is this acne?

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    A morning and night (before bed) routine works.  If you workout or sweat, it may be advisable to try to wash right after that.  Good tips on the diet front so far.  If you can, try to cut out juices and drink water.  Also, try to not eat too many carbs in one sitting and by themselves (add protein).  In terms of diet in general.  Minimally processed foods are best.  

  28. Hey!  It's been a while.  Hang in there man - acne is a tough beast.  I thought by now that i would be able to move on but i'm still here.  Topicals seem to have worked on your skin in the past so just stick with it.  

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