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best decision i ever made - wish i did it sooner
on 13/06/2013
i had acne for about 3 years before i decided to use accutane. i got acne as a freshman and it wasnt bad, i was able to treat it with antibiotics and topical perscriptions. summer before my junior year (about a year ago) was when it started to get really bad and nothing was working. I really didnt want to use accutane cause its a very powerful drug and i have heard horrific things about it but it was all i had left to try and my skin was depressing me. so i did it and it was amazing, i had no initial breakout, it worked pretty fast and i havent had a pimple in months. i just finished about a month ago and everything is still going well. i was on it for a total of 7 months. my eyes are still really dry but my skin is producing oil and not peeling anymore. also another annoying thing is your lips are SUPER chapped you need to carry some sort of lip moisturizer at all times or your lip skin will peel and sometimes bleed! CHAPSTICK IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! best decision, my self confidence is a million times better. i recommend to anyone with moderate to severe acne and bad self esteem it turned my life around. if you are considering it, try it!!!
on 16/08/2011
I had my first breakout about a year ago and used topicals (tretinoin & ethromycin) for a few months and they werent working. so my derm perscribed me minocycline and it cleared up so fast, within 3 days i saw awesome results. it kept me clear for about 4 months when i used it, but after i went off it i broke out again, because I stopped using my topicals (bad idea). So if your using this, keep using your topicals with it so that when you stop using minocycline, you dont break out as bad.