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on 13/09/2011
Left my skin dry and broke out in a few days.<br/>"/ I was really disappointed.
on 16/08/2011
I've been using this stuff for about a week now and I really love it.<br/>My skin took to it so nicely! I thought I would have to use it every other day as to not over do it but it didn't irritate my skin in any way.<br/>I haven't broken out any more since I started using this and that was really the whole point so hurrah!<br/>My skin looks so much healthier. It's less red, smoother and a lot softer. It's even evening out my skin tone.<br/>It does burn very very slightly and my skin is a lot more sensitive to the sun but I just wear a sunscreen now!<br/>Stay away from your mouth and eye area though. For some reason, it gave me a cold sore? Oh well.<br/>I highly recommend!!!
on 16/08/2011
This baking soda/water spot treatment idea failed for me. It just didn't do anything at all.
on 16/08/2011
Tea Tree Oil works like BP but is less irritating especially when diluted.<br/>I use 3/4 Tea Tree, 1/4 Olive Oil as a toner/moisturizer. I haven't found a reason to stop as it's never caused me to break out or been drying in any way. It leaves my skin very soft. Smells pretty bad but whathe smell goes away as it dries.<br/>Definitely something that should be paired together with another acne treatment.<br/>I really like it because it brings the severity of my acne down to a type that I can control more easily with other products.<br/>Tea Tree Oil also kills bacteria on the skin and helps the acne from spreading.
on 12/08/2011
Waste of money.<br/>Just a huge disappointment.
on 12/08/2011
I've been using this foundation for about a year now as it was the only foundation I found that was thick enough to cover my acne scars but I absolutely hate it! I've really only stuck with it out of lack of options.<br/>It's very thick and provides heavy coverage but I'm more interested in improving my acne than just covering it up.<br/>Not a good every day make-up, looks terrible at the end of the day and does not cover redness for very long. Looks almost like dirt! It's gross.<br/>Save your money, save your skin.<br/>I really only recommend this as a last resort.