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on 24/12/2011
I have been using this spot treatment on some pimples for the past 4 days and they are still not gone, however they are reduced by like 50%. Annoying thing this is that these pimples aren't even that huge. I guess my skin is just really stubborn?
on 22/12/2011
Unfortunately, I am one of the unlucky people who are sensitive to the ingredient in neosporin, and I developed a big red area when I applied it to my popped pimple :( But it did help to heal it.
on 26/11/2011
I have had these two persistent large red marks on my cheeks back from the beginning of summer (5 months ago). I had started to apply the vitamin e oil at night time and during the day when I was staying at home at the end of September. So I have only been using it for approximately 2 months. During this time I have noticed a reduction in the redness of these marks but nothing totally dramatic. Probably a reduction by 30%. I am hoping that with continued use (next 4 months). That these marks will be GONE!