1. Reviews Clear Skincare Copper Peptides
    I use it for scar treatment. It softens the scar and the surrounding area making your skin look smoother overall. It penetrates into the damaged skin and sort of "breaks up" the scar tissue which over time will eventually remove the scar 100%. For example, I had a severe scar on my left cheek and it's almost gone. Be patient and persevering. I've been using Super Cop for over a year. The 2 oz. bottle could last you a year if you use as a spot treatment.
    It's greenish and looks weird going to bed - not too sexy. Sleep on your back (train yourself to do so) otherwise the cream will end up on your pillow case.
    Use the Super Cop Cream 2X - Extra Strength as a spot treatment. It's an expensive product, so you won't want to use it all over your face. I got the best results doing a combination of self-needling (using 5-6 sewing needles - not diabetic ones - superglued together - trust me it works). Or you can get a derma roller. The needling will help the product penetrate the dermis to get to the all important scar tissue. You can use the weaker varieties of Super Cops if you have sensitive skin but you can actually feel the 2x working. Use it consistently everyday. Focus on specific areas like the temples and try to use harsh lighting to see how the shape of the scar changes as it begins to break down.