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on 04/08/2011
First time I paid 150.00$ and had less extreme acne, so it worked pretty well on the scars. Now my acne has gotten more severe and it no longer works like it use to, so I suggest only using it if your acne is light to mild moderate.
on 04/08/2011
I started using a 40% LA peel on my entire face, for about 5 mins and progressed to about 10 mins. By then it had stopped burning so badly and my skin was clearing up. I then jumped to 88% and started using it for spot treatments. I discovered that if a new pimple sprouted, I could put a dab of the LA 88% on it and it would completely remove the pimple. However, I once forgot I'd had it on and left it on for 15 mins, which was extremely bad because I got a chemical burn and was left with blackened areas where I'd applied it. So be extremely careful about that.
on 04/08/2011
The first time I got this, it didn't hurt as bad and it definately cleared up my skin. However, I was left with enlarged pores and tiny pock marks in my skin. But again, it looked better than when I had the acne scars. Fast forward a year later and my scars have returned with a vengeance. I have it done again, only this time it's more painful and I am left with tiny brown scratches on my face. I also have some hyperpigmentation and bruising near my chin. It's only been 3 days though, so I can't say if again my results are satisfactory, but they were the last time I got it done.
on 04/08/2011
I haven't had any amazing results with this product, but it works fairly well for the price.
on 03/08/2011
I have oily skin and my pores are often clogged up. This helps to unclog them and remove the dead skin, leaving me with softer skin.
on 03/08/2011
In middle school I had a very oily face, which led to little acne bumps. Proactiv cleared that up, so I continued using it hoping to contr the acne. I guess my skin became immune or it could be because my skin worsened, because it stopped working in high school. So if your acne is light, it will probably work for you.
on 03/08/2011
Plain and simple, this did nothing for my skin as a teen and did nothing when I was once again put on it.
on 03/08/2011
I like this stuff, but I got a chemical burn around my mouth after a while and now I have some extreme hyperpigmentation there. So be careful about that, otherwise it's great.
on 03/08/2011
Yet another medication I did not want nor need prescribed for my acne. I took this long before Yaz and though it's nowhere near the severity of side effects, I still got some pretty bad ones. My periods smelled "normal" before the pill, but after taking it I developed a horrible smell. It smelt like something had died! After stopping the pill, I went back to having normal smelling periods and no extreme clotting.